5 Effective Ways to Remove Cat Urine Smell

Finding about at least 5 effective ways to remove cat urine smell can be a groundbreaking accomplishment for feline owners. Cleaning cat urine is not very simple; in fact, it resembles a science experiment.

While you would naturally use lukewarm or even hot water to clean almost everything else, doing so with cat urine will simply serve to intensify the odor.

If you have a cat emergency, make sure to follow the instructions below to get rid of foul urine.

General Guidelines

1. Clean it thoroughly

Your home will be rid of cat scents after properly cleaning the area with vinegar and then using an enzyme treatment to break down the harsh acid. All surfaces, including hardwood floors, carpets, and beds, may be cleaned using vinegar and enzyme cleaners. But keep in mind that various cleaners react differently with different kinds of flooring and materials, so test a tiny region first before applying any treatment.

When thinking about effective ways to remove cat urine smell it is important to keep in mind that, as many veterinarians would advise, you should not use a vacuum cleaner or heating on cat pee stains or patches. It may set the stain, making removal more challenging.

Make careful to repeat the enzyme treatment several times if you have previously steam-cleaned carpets or mattresses. Strong scents typically last longer in textiles and carpets and may require many treatments.

If your feline has done a urinating job on your bed linens, clothes, or draperies, wash them right away or even have them dry-cleaned. The more time urine spends on material, the much more persistent its stench is. The finest detergents for cleaning products include enzymatic ingredients or baking soda.

2. Try to prevent it

Preventing cat odors from entering your home from the start is the greatest approach to do so. Maintain a clean litter box and add bicarbonate of soda to aid with odor absorption.

Consider gradually switching your cat to a diet that helps prevent hairballs and urine troubles if she looks to be experiencing urination stress issues or is continuously hurling hairballs all over your home.

When thinking of effective ways to remove cat urine smell it is good to notice that the majority of animal odors in your house may be caused by body fluids , but it’s also crucial to avoid letting cat hair accumulate because this can also cause cat odor.

Spray the surface with a mixture of fabric softener and water to quickly remove cat hair from the upholstery. Using rubber gloves that have been moistened, collect the cat fur after spraying the area.

3. Utilize Hydrogen-peroxide

After utilizing the cider and water combination, you can apply hydrogen peroxide to further get rid of the smell. The best solution for hardwood floors with cat pee odors is hydrogen peroxide, which is also effective on rugs, sofas, and even clothing.

Hydrochloric acid is 30% more oxidizing than chlorine. This will make it possible to get rid of the ammonium smell that comes from cat pee.

Pouring hydrogen peroxide directly on the area where the stench is coming from and letting it sit for at least five minutes will work well. After that, proceed to blot the area once more.

4. Deeper cleaning & air fresheners

The stench of cat pee can be covered up by plug-ins and air fresheners, but they won’t get rid of it. Open up the windows, turn on the ceiling fans, and start the HVAC blower instead. To assist get rid of smells in the air, just let the air circulate for an hour.

The following action is to thoroughly clean your house. Washing the walls, floors, furniture, and other surfaces is necessary, or you may hire a house cleaning agency with competence in eliminating pet scents.

Moreover, when it comes to effective ways to remove cat urine smell, make sure to utilize a baking soda. It is a superior product, which is made of sodium bicarbonate and is excellent at absorbing smells.

After cleaning your cat’s pee and allowing the area to completely dry, you may use it to combat urine odor by sprinkling it over the carpet or furniture. Sprinkle it, then let it soak in for at least an hour before vacuuming it up.

5. Use machines for super thorough cleaning

Using a fabric surface cleaner is your best choice for getting rid of the cat urine smell. The scrubbing attachments on these cleaners make it much simpler to get stains and smells off of your couch.

Because you can easily suck out the water, urine, and cleanser once you’re done, you may saturate the pee region without thinking about abusing it.

Use the carpet cleaning attachment to apply an organic cleaning solution made for pet smells to the spot. After that, vacuum up the cleaner and feces. To get rid of the stain and smell, you might need to wash and suction the cat urine multiple times.

Enzyme cleansers can accomplish the job if you don’t have access to a furniture cleaning machine. Cleaning solutions known as “enzymatic cleansers” employ enzymes to help remove smells and dissolve stains.

It’s simple to make your enzyme cleanser from natural components. Simply combine vinegar and water in a 1/3 ratio to create a spray bottle.


It is super-important to learn facts about 5 effective ways to remove cat urine smell because it is beneficial for both you and your cat. Once your home is smelling clean and fresh, you can typically maintain it by giving your cat wholesome food , a tidy litter box, and routine grooming.

Make sure that any temporary fixes you apply, such as sprays, are suitable for pets to avoid making the situation worse.

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