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Ultimate Guide: best air fresheners for cat urine

Have you ever considered purchasing the best air freshener for cat urine? If you are an avid feline lover, you probably have, especially if you also want to know what is the best air freshener for the litter box area. 

In the last two decades, people are increasingly searching for the best air fresheners for cat litter. When I first got a cat, I wondered what is the best odor eliminator, and also are glade plug-ins safe for cats. Naturally, it took me some time to find the best smelling air freshener.

Additionally, I know how difficult and challenging it can be to find the proper product for your needs. Finding a cat-safe air freshener can also be tricky, because it has to fulfill health standards, along with having a good scent. If you are looking to find a solution for cat urine, you have probably searched the whole internet. 

Although the information is available, it doesn’t mean it is a high-quality one. Sometimes you search for the best deodorizer for the cat litter room and you don’t get what you need. Since the online scene is filled with not so helpful info, I have decided to create a guide to help you. Moreover, I think that finding a cat litter box air freshener doesn’t have to be difficult if you arm yourself with proper knowledge. 

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1. Simple Green Outdoor

Product Dimensions10.75 x 5.25 x 12 inches; 11.88 Pounds
ManufacturerSunshine Makers, Inc.
Product BenefitsCat Urine Remover
BrandSimple Green

The first on the best air freshener for cat urine list offers a pet-friendly and safe solution for individuals looking to buy a high-end product. Next, it makes a perfect choice for use on patios, decks, dog runs, and yards. I like the product because it has powerful and natural enzymes that remove the odor (along with its sources). It is a better solution compared to fresheners that cover up the smell, without addressing the underlying issue. 

Next, it doesn’t negatively affect grass, natural turf, or other materials, such as concrete. It means that if you have a cat litter box in your backyard, you can use it there as well. Moreover, after the first use of Simple Green’s product, the bad cat odor was completely gone. When I say “the first use”, I mean after the first couple of seconds, after using the product. The urine’s odor disappears quite fast under the product’s influence. 

Pro-tip for the backyard: if you have a lawn, and intend to use the given odor eliminator, wet the grass first. On the other hand, it doesn’t come in a big package, so if you have a big backyard (or a big house), you’d have to use the refill. Generally, it is enough to spray a couple of times to remove the smell, and the scent that you get after that is quite nice. 



2. Kin+kind Urine Eliminator

Product Dimensions2.32 x 2.17 x 9.09 inches; 14.4 Ounces
Animal TypeAll
Vet approvedYes

I like the kin+kind’s spray because it is equally effective in removing dog and cat odor, respectively. It is one of the reasons why it is on the best air freshener for cat urine list. From a technical point, I must say that it uses advanced mineral technology. Its main purpose is to absorb and eradicate odors. Additionally, if you properly apply it, you will get an instant refreshing feeling. 

I also like the presence of Guar nut oil, because it helps in detangling and nourishing the pet coat. You can make your pet cuddle-worthy quite fast by spraying the eliminator. Additionally, it has a nice fragrance that offers a significant benefit for your household. Because it packs only plant-based ingredients, along with essential oils, it has a gently cleanse effect. Next, it is vital to emphasize the fact that the product is completely vet-tested, with safe concentrations that are not harmful to pets. 

The floral fragrance is an extra plus, especially because it can help detangle the mats and fur of your feline friend. Naturally, it is available with other scents as well. When it comes to negative, I must address the pump sprayer. It does fail sometimes, so you can use another spray bottle (a generic one), to use the product that way.



3. Relaxivet Air Freshener

Product Dimensions 2 x 2 x 6 inches; 2.4 Ounces
BrandRelaxivet Pheromone
Animal TypeCats

One of the most awesome features of the Relaxivet is the marker pheromone. It is essential to help cats feel at ease while maintaining their natural harmony. Additionally, it reduces scratching and urination problems relatively fast. I believe it is one of the reasons why it is on the best air freshener for cat urine list. Besides having extraordinary properties in providing a sense of calmness in cats, it packs other benefits as well. 

You can use it in every environment that has cats to eliminate urine odor. It is vital to note that it can take up to seven days to notice the first, but long-lasting effects of the product. However, for the best application, I advise you to spray it every six hours in the seven-day window. I like the fact that it works quite well for felines suffering from anxiety issues. 

If you have to take your cat to the vet, spray the carrier or the back seat of a car, and you won’t have any issues commuting. Additionally, cats that have separation anxiety problems, or that don’t like the company will react quite well to Relaxivet. The overall scent is quite pleasing, and it helps with creating a healthy environment. It removes the odor. Furthermore, its main purpose is to help remove the cat’s need for unnecessary urination.



4. Pet Craft Brush

BrandSimple Solution
Item FormSpray
Specific Uses for ProductFights Odor
Unit Count64 Fl Oz
Liquid Volume64 Fluid Ounces

One of the key reasons why the fourth contender is on the best air freshener for cat urine list is its potency. It is possible to eradicate the toughest cat and dog stains and odors with its formula. It uses the Pro-Bacteria™ formula with enzymes that can break down and remove hardened stains and smells. Next, because of its multipurpose application, you can remove feces and urine from upholstery, toys, and clothing. 

When it comes to the design, I like the 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer that supports foam, mist, and stream. It is of great help when you want to clean the house. Depending on the material you use, it is possible to pick between three modes for the best results. If your feline vomits anywhere in your home, clean the area with a towel, and after that spray the area. 

Make sure not to be thrifty with the product if you want the finest results. Next, the product’s enzymes will consume the urine or the feces and will fill the room with a pleasant scent. It can remove the odor nearly in an instant, and it leaves a nice and refreshing scent. However, I have noticed that the spray nozzle has issues, and it can stop working without any warning. 



5. THORNELL Air Freshener

Size22 fl oz spray
Frame MaterialPlastic

The last name on the best air freshener for cat urine list is a professional-grade product that many veterinarians across North America use. Its main perk is that it is quite gentle to your pets, but it still eliminates the odor. Furthermore, it has one excellent feature that many similar products lack. You can use it directly on your pet, without having to worry about causing health damage. 

Thornell has a formula that allows owners to spray directly on their pets, and it doesn’t affect the eyes and ears. It means that you don’t have to worry about the product coming in touch with sensitive cat body parts. Additionally, you can eliminate the toughest odors with it. I also like the fact that it has a non-enzymatic formula. It is another difference, compared to similar products. No matter what kind of product you have used before, with Thornel’s product, you will results. 

It leaves a quite pleasant scent, and it does last a long time. I also tried using it for dogs, and it makes them cuddle-worthy in no time, even after long sessions in the mud. If you use it on the pet, it is safe to spray directly on them. Additionally, if you decide to use it on upholstery and similar surfaces, spray it directly and wait for it to try. You can then wipe it off.



Questions & Answers

How do I make my house not smell like cat pee?

The best way to avoid cat pee smells is regular cleaning and maintenance of your home. Keep all areas free from clutter so that there are no places for cats to hide out of sight. In addition, eliminate possible sources of odor such as food left out overnight, dirty laundry left in the washer too long, or leaking pipes that let water leak into the walls.

If you want to eliminate smells caused by cat pee, consider hiring a professional cleaner who can get rid of the odor and get rid of the source of the smell. Additionally, it can be helpful to sprinkle baking soda around the perimeter of your carpet to absorb urine odors.

Baking soda is also a natural deodorizer, so you may find that this option is more effective than using artificial products. In addition, there are many products on the market that are designed specifically for removing cat urine odor from carpets and furniture.

Some of these products contain enzymes or acids that break down the proteins found in cat urine, while others use special enzymes to speed up the process of breaking down odor-causing compounds in the urine itself.

What product takes cat pee smell away?

There are many products available to help eliminate the odor of cat urine. Some work by absorbing the urine and neutralizing its smell, while others remove the odor by using natural enzymes or other compounds.

These can be purchased either in pharmacies or pet stores or may be found online. Most have a pleasant scent, so they shouldn’t be too overpowering if you live with multiple cats. Keep in mind that they may take some time to work, so plan accordingly.

The best way to avoid cat pee smells is regular cleaning and maintenance of your home. We recommend using LEVOIT Air Purifier. It’s not just an all-natural purifier that lasts an extremely long time, but it kills 99% of cat urine odors and keeps them from ever coming back!

How can I make my house smell nice for cats?

Many products will help with pet odor, but the most effective treatment is to get rid of the source of the smell. If your cat has urinated or defecated in a corner and left its scent behind, you can use a disinfectant spray or wipe to eliminate the odor.

There are also commercial products available for eliminating cat urine smells, such as sprays, wipes, and even special litter boxes designed to prevent odors. However, these products can be expensive, and not all of them are safe for cats.

There are also air fresheners, which mask the smell by emitting odors that are similar to cat urine. However, these tend to be more expensive than other options. Another option is to simply keep your cat indoors until the smell has dissipated.

Can I use air freshener if I have a cat?

To use an air freshener effectively in a space with pets, you need to make sure it’s safe for both the pet and the environment. One of the biggest concerns is whether the product you’re using is harmful to your furry friend.

Some products contain perfumes or scents that are toxic to cats and can irritate their respiratory system or skin. Air fresheners can also pose a risk if they’re sprayed into the air directly, or if they end up in places where your cat could get them.

Whatever you do, keep an eye out for any signs of irritation and contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any problems. You should make sure that the product you use does not contain any toxic ingredients.

It is also important to keep in mind that air freshener might be more harmful to your cat than it is to you. It is important to read the label and make sure that all of the ingredients are safe for both of you.


Getting the best air freshener for cat urine is a sound investment, and economically a viable one. Air fresheners and cats and cats belong together, and the urine odor will testify to it. Although there are many cat-friendly air fresheners on the market, you should conduct thorough research before buying.

Luckily, every air freshener for litter box represents a good choice and is within a good price range. All safe air fresheners for cats are on the list, so the job of buying the best cat deodorizer will be a simple task if you follow through.

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