These are Best 8 Cat Urine Enzyme Laundry Detergents in 2022


Ultimate Guide: Best Cat Urine Enzyme Laundry Detergents

Are you searching for the best cat urine enzyme laundry detergent?

It is widely known that cats make great pets and companions. In fact, according to recognized statistical bodies, there are approximately 370 million pet cats in the whole world! With lots of beautiful purrs and snuggles comes great responsibility in terms of cleaning.

Like all living beings, cats have their biological needs, and the residue of those isn’t the most eye or nose-pleasing experience in the world. All cats owners face the problem of cat urine and its, often overpowering scent.

One of the most frequent questions in the cat community relates to the removal of cat urine and the odor it leaves behind. Although there are a couple of tested ways to do it, using a best cat urine enzyme laundry detergent is one of the cleanest, most efficient, and scientifically-proven methods for successful task completion.

As with all products, especially ones that involve chemical compounds in their mixture, many questions are being raised about the efficacy, safety measures, etc. Despite the easy ways of information distribution in the tech age, the internet still doesn’t come on top with providing useful information on the topic. Evidence of that is many unconfirmed and unchecked claims, as well as methods that have been repeatedly debunked. 

With that idea in mind, I have decided to create a comprehensive guide that will help fellow feline lovers learn about the importance of proper cat urine and odor removal. Moreover, I aim to provide a full guide on tested and foolproof methods of doing it, as well as provide top eight cat urine enzyme laundry detergents that will do the bidding and prove how quickly, efficiently and thoroughly cat urine can be removed from the furniture, clothes, and other materials. 

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1. Nature's Miracle

BrandNature’s Miracle
Item FormLiquid
Item Weight2.09 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH5 x 2.37 x 11.3 inches
Specific Uses for ProductWhitening, Brightening

Nature’s product comes in a 32 oz package and it is ready to repel the most hardened stains left from cat’s urine. Moreover, the phosphate-free formula is so potent that it can thoroughly clean blood, urine, vomit, oil, and grease. The key to using the Miracle Stain is to add it to the classic cat urine laundry detergent, or even use it as a pretreatment. I had issues with cats using on my shirt and bedsheets. I used the quarter cup for each full regular detergent load, and I was amazed by the results. 

Another vital point is that it can completely remove the odor, even the toughest and most persistent ones. I had cats pee on the clothes and sheets left unattended, and it removed all of the odor at one wash-up. I experimented and found out that I need only a few tablespoons mixed with the detergent. However, for persistent stains and odor that is present for some time, use the quarter. Rest assured that it can remove even the hardest stains, and eliminate the most persistent odor, even if it’s a few weeks old. 



2. OdoBan Disinfectant Laundry

ScentEucalyptus ,Original
Item FormAerosol

The OdoBan’s concentrate is designed specifically to tackle pet odor and the mess they leave behind. It can be used to clean and disinfect hard house surfaces, and it does a splendid job of eliminating foul odors. Another critical feature is the ability to remove almost all germs and it protects pets against viruses and influenzas. The key point to mention is that the product is not aimed to be used with clothing, and one should never put it on the clothes and must avoid contact with eyes and skin. 

The favorite feature of it is that it is quite concentrated, and I need only a small amount in the mixture, to get a full bottle for spraying. The Eucalyptus scent is pleasant and it effectively removes the odor. I tested it on the carpets, hard house surfaces, as well as on bed and exterior surfaces. It completely eradicates the foul smell, and it does a phenomenal job in handling the cat’s urine. Moreover, it leaves no residue and is not harmful to animals. 



3. Skout's Honor Laundry

BrandSkout’s Honor
Material Type FreeBleach Free
Item FormLiquid
Formulation TypeConcentrated


Skout’s Honor Laundry Booster Stain & Odor Removal Additive is a product that can be used in both regular and high-efficiency washing machines. It is designed to remove tough stains and odors from clothes, and it comes in a 32-oz bottle. This product can be used on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and even silk. It is also safe to use on delicate clothes, and it will not damage them.

It is a concentrated detergent additive and it does quite a nice job in removing stains and foul smells that linger around for a long time. The bottle is small, but it contains a lot of detergent additives. This product is not expensive and it can be used on regular clothes, which are quite hard to clean sometimes. It will also help you save money on dry cleaning bills. Its formula is hydrogen peroxide-free, and it is safe to use on clothes, fabric, and other sensitive materials. I tested it on the laundry that has been urinated on by a cat, and I was amazed by the results since there were no odor or residue stains.



4. Persil ProClean

Item FormLiquid
Item Weight6.25 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.39 x 7.36 x 10.87 inches

The fourth one on the list is a product that is a combination of classic detergent, along with technology that eliminates the odor. It packs a great chemical formula that can be used in various washing machine types, including high-efficiency ones. The package is quite economic and it is enough for 82 loads in the washing machine. 

The main perk I see is the lack of rashes and itches, even after using a significant amount of the product. It is so gentle to the skin and clothes, that is a pleasure to use. It is concentrated, but based on the user experience, one could hardly guess. I have mixed it with the soap and I was able to clean all of the cat urine stains from clothing, without any residue or trace of odor. I mainly used it as an aid in the washing machine, and the results were impressive.



5. Febreze Laundry Detergent

ScentFresh Scent
Item FormLiquid
Item Weight6.25 Pounds


The given laundry detergent is a great addition to repelling, stopping and eliminating foul odors and persistent stains. The rule of thumb is to use one capful for moderate odors, and a heavy one and a half. If you are dealing with an extreme stain and odor, use up to two capfuls, but no more than that. I like the fact it is safe to use with detergent, pods, and liquid detergents, as well as with other clothes-cleaning products. 

It can be used in high-efficiency machines. I must note that it is not intended to be used as a stand-alone product, and it delivers good results only when mixed with a standard detergent or soap. I had to deal with cat urine stains and feces, and the presented additive perfectly complemented the liquid soap I used in eliminating the stain, as well as the odor. The scent is pleasant, although some could find it strong.



6. Febreze Laundry Detergent

ScentFresh Scent
Item FormLiquid
Item Weight6.25 Pounds


The next additive in line can tackle the toughest pet odors, and it does a splendid job in removing them, not just masking the odor. I tested it by preheating odor-affected items in hot water, and then by adding one to two cupfuls. I like the fact that it is safe to use with clothes and doesn’t affect the skin. The strength of the product is amazing. It is equally effective in removing both dog and cat urine, as well as eliminating every foul scent an animal produces. The smell leaves behind is also quite pleasant and it feels good to have it around. I also didn’t have problems with skin rashes or any other health-related issues.



7. Zero Odor – Laundry

BrandZero Odor
Item Weight16 Ounces
Item Dimensions LxWxH4 x 2 x 9 inches
Specific Uses For ProductNon-Toxic, Biodegradable, Fights Odor
Unit Count1.000 Count


The seventh product on the list is a great solution for individuals who want to have clean and neat clothes without foul pet smells, and especially those who want the convenience of easy use. The Zero Odor is safe to mix with detergents for laundry, and it doesn’t impact the skin and doesn’t cause any rashes. 

It is completely safe for animals, and it only requires two ounces to be used with the washing machine load. I have tested it with different unpleasant smells and hard-to-remove stains, and it always came out on top. However, if you have persistent stains and extremely bad odors at hand, it is advisable to use it a few times. The additional benefit is that it can remove stains and odor from leather as well, so it is easy and safe to use with shoes and sneakers. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering, so you shouldn’t have any difficult reactions to it.



8. Arm & Hammer Plus

BrandArm & Hammer
Item FormLiquid
Item Weight4.38 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH6.95 x 3.55 x 11.6 inches

The last name of the list comes in pre-measured pods suitable for laundry, that represent a combination of concentrated laundry detergent and stain remover in one package. It is equipped with a chemical compound designed to combat the toughest stains and strongest odors. It is very potent, so it is enough to use one pack for each load of washing. I had a couple of carpets and no-longer-used shirts in the front yard that was used by both dogs and cats for various purposes, and they were steaming with odor. 

They were filled with dirty, possibly feces and other contagions. During the testing, I successfully removed all of them and didn’t have any issues with residue or odor after that. I also like the neutral, yet present scent that was left afterward, and an additional plus is completely safe for animals and humans, respectively. 



Questions & Answers

Why It’s Important to Clean Cat Pee ?

Why It’s Important-to-Clean-Cat-Pee

Before I get into the technicalities, I want to point out the fact that about 10% of felines have problems related to litter box use. It means that their health issues or behavior problems force them to litter outside the litter box, at least once during their lifetime, but more often, it is a recurring manifestation. On the other hand, cats’ urine contains proteins, and those very amino acids are used by cats to mark the borders of their territory in the wilderness. 

As the domestication process took place, it becomes obsolete for cats to display such behavior, but the given evolutional trait is here to stay for a while. The key reason why it is important to clean the cat pee is the acid it contains. It is quite a potent chemical that can push through the material and mix with it, thus leaving dire consequences in terms of unpleasant odor. Furthermore, untreated cat pee can lead cats to think that they need to mark their territory more often, and it leads to a myriad of recurring problematic behavior. 

What are Common Mistakes With Cleaning Cat Pee ?


The first, and quite a common mistake relates to the lack of Ultraviolet light. Blacklight emanates can detect the cat’s urine, even if it is not visible to the naked eye. The investment is not expensive, and it can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Using UV light means that you can easily spot the cat urine on the surface, and immediately remove it. 

Using natural-based products with no chemical potency is another common mistake. Although baking soda, vinegar, lemon acid have their purpose in regular cleaning, for combating pee’s acid, they lack the chemical potency. By using solely these products, you are cutting the efficacy of the removal process by at least 70%. 

The next mistake you can easily avoid is excessive scrubbing. Instead of it, press the paper towel against the clothes (or any other surface), to remove the excess urine. If you scrub it, there is a high chance of scrubbing the urine even more deeply into the material, thus making it harder to remove afterward. 

Relying on ammonia products is the last common mistake. The chemical property of a cat’s urine has its root in ammonia. Consequently, if you use ammonia-based products to clean the cat’s urine, it creates the yo-yo effect, the same one as when you wait too long to remove it. Cats can sense it, and they repeat the undesired behavior at the very same place where you want to eliminate it. Therefore, when reading the product label, avoid anything that has the “ammonia” substance to it. 

How To Get Cat Urine Out of Laundry ?

How Cat-Urine-Out-of-Laundry

The rule of thumb is to try to remove the urine as fastest as possible, because the more time it spends within the clothes and other materials, the stronger chemical bonds it forms. Thus, it becomes more difficult to remove it. Before you start the process, make sure you are equipped with paper towels, detergents, a washing machine that is on, and arm yourself with patience. 

Remove the urine immediately – The cat urine is full of acid, and the longer it lingers on any type of material, the more difficult it becomes to clean it. That is why you need to immediately remove it from clothes, carpets, etc. Use paper towels to blot, instead of scrubbing. You should repeat the process several times, depending on the amount of urine, and the density of the material it has affected. My advice is to use latex gloves so that the urine doesn’t come in touch with your skin. 

Don’t mix clothes affected by the pee with other clothes – The reason is that the urine (and the urine odor) from the stained clothes can easily mix with the rest of the clothing in the washing machine, thus spreading the problem even further. The urine odor is overpowering, and it can gravely affect your clothing. Once you locate the urine-stained clothes, isolate them from the rest and wash them separately. 

Don’t put all of your faith in regular-based cleaning products – Although they will do the job of removing some of the urine and odor, most of them are not manufactured with the specific chemical components that are designed to go after the cat urine. Many regular cleaning aids don’t have the chemical capacity to destroy the urine’s acid, and because of that, it is possible to sense the odor even after a couple of rounds in the washing machine. 

Use specialized chemicals – Pet, and especially cat detergents have the chemical property designed to combat urine acid and the unpleasant odor. By opting out of these products to either replace your regular ones or at least compliment them, you are elevating the cleaning capacity you have. You can try pretreating fabric materials with enzyme proteins since they have the strength to remove the acid. The best way to do it is to place them in the washing machine, along with the clothes, and wash them. The additional advantage of these specialized products is the fact that they can be used on hard materials, such as wooden floors and steel surfaces, as well as with more delicate materials, such as cotton.

There are a couple of similarities between removing a cat’s urine from the clothes and the carpet. However, certain differences should be acknowledged, to get the most out of the cleaning process. 

The first step is to use as many as paper towels you can to blot the carpet. It will absorb the urine. Repeat the process a couple of times, until you get most of the pee out. 

Afterward, use clean water and soap to rinse it. Again, try not to scrub the soap in the carpet, but instead use the liquid solution and spread it. Leave it for a few minutes, and rinse with the water. 

Next, use the wet vacuum or paper towel to dry the area. Don’t use a hairdryer because you could produce a countereffect, and push the acid deeper into the fabric, and then it will be impossible to remove the residue. 

The last step is the vital one. Use the cat urine enzyme laundry detergent that is made for carpet use. Apply the amount specified in the instruction manual, and wait for it to do its magic. After a few minutes, repeat the process with the paper towel and blot the excess of it. Although it is possible to remove the stain and the odor on one take, it might take a couple of them, depending on the amount of pee, how long it has been on the surface, and what products you use. 

You might be wondering what products do I recommend to combine with the cleaning tips and tricks I have shared. There are eight of them which I found out to work the best. Keep reading to get the exact data on each of them.


Cleaning the cat’s urine takes a know-how-to and patience. No matter how grave the stain is, or how many times you need to repeat the cleaning process – the essence is the same, and it means that it is possible to remove the urine with the help of the cat’s urine enzyme laundry detergent with proper cleaning techniques. Make sure to follow the guidelines outlined, and your home will smell good.

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