Uncovering the Most Popular Brown Cat Breeds: Our Top 5 Picks

Are you searching for a feline companion with a unique and beautiful coat?
Learning about the five best brown cat breeds is vital if you want to expand your knowledge of felines. Many cat breeds do not have a single-color coat. Instead, they have stripes, marks, and pattern variants with several colors.

Cats with only one color are usually black or white. However, brown cats aren’t extremely uncommon. Brown, particularly brown tabby (brown with black stripes), is a popular cat color. Pure brown cats are less frequent yet can be stunningly gorgeous. The solid brown hue is known as chocolate in some breeds.

Some pointed breeds, like the sealing point Siamese, are also available in brown. Brown kitties are not a breed; brown is simply a descriptor of the color of the cat’s coat. Brown is a popular color in both domesticated shorthair and domesticated longhair cats.

Brown coats in cats vary in color from really light tan to rich chocolate brown. Brown cats come in a variety of colors, including solid brown, brown tabby, brown spotted tabby, ticking, spotted, brown pointed (also known as a chocolate point), and bi-colored (brown with white).

Top Brown Cat Breeds - Our 5 Picks

1. Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is a cross between, Siamese, Russian Blue, and black domesticated shorthair cats. Next to no Russian Blue bloodlines survive in the breed today. The Havana Brown is the only true brown cat breed available. It is a standard-size shorthair cat with emerald eyes that comes in chocolate or deep mahogany brown.

It has a clever, inquiring, and gregarious personality. The cat grows quite close to its owners and experiences moderate separation anxiety. The breed is thought to have been called from the hue of Havana cigarettes or the Havana bunny with the same color. The hair of the Havana cat is medium to the short length and shiny.

Overall, it seems smooth, with a dark brown coat with mahogany undertones. Havana, like some other short-haired cats, is easy to clean and enjoys grooming sessions. Regular brushing is sufficient to maintain its hair smooth and lustrous, and you won’t have to compete with Havana for nail clipping or dental cleaning.

Despite its humorous aspect, Havana brown isn’t a particularly vibrant color. They are energetic, quiet, and occupied with plush toys or other indoor hobbies.

2. British Shorthair

The British shorthair is a medium-sized, adorable kitty with a strong build. The cat appears to be muscular and well-boned. The face is similar to other cats employed to keep rats from entering the barn, but the backbone is muscular.

The legs are big and powerful. The coat length of a British shorthair is medium to short and thick, as the name suggests. The British have a dense, fluffy coat that turns them into a ball of fur that might be uncommon brown, black, white, red, silver, or some other colors.

The British shorthair’s thick and thick coat requires extra maintenance, and frequent brushing is essential to keep the cat appearing well-maintained. British shorthairs are an energetic cat type with a limited range of activities.

3. Chausie

Chausie is a huge, ancient cat species with a long, slender physique. With a broad chest and huge tufted ears, the cat is elegant and well-balanced. Chausie’s coat is short to medium length and can be tabby, solid, ticking, or grizzled.

Chausie coat hues comprise black and brown in a variety of patterns. Chausie cats have a low-maintenance coat, and weekly brushing is all that is necessary to keep your cat looking nice. Chausie is a calm cat with a nice demeanor that gets with everyone.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Chausie is a very energetic or athletic cat with almost limitless energy. Your cat will require plenty of exercises, which you may give by providing toys, playing structures, and leaping surfaces.

4. The Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental shorthair is indeed a dazzling medium-sized cat with a lengthy body stature. Orientals are lovely because of their tall heads, erect ears, and thin legs. White Orientals’ eyes are olive and brilliant green, but Blue Orientals’ eyes might be blue, green, or strange. Oriental Shorthair’s coat is short and shiny, as the name suggests.

A medium-length variation is also available, but a filled coat is not conceivable in Orientals. This breed is available in a variety of colors and patterns, such as black, brown, cinnamon, blue, cream, and red. Orientals do not need much grooming. A short comb-through every few days will maintain your Oriental’s fur in good condition.

They are highly gregarious and require a lot of care and affection, thus they are not advised for individuals who want a mostly autonomous cat. They aren’t inherently shy, yet they could be wary of strangers. They require a lot of brain stimulation because they are energetic cats.

They are mainly suggested for apartment dwellers. Because these cats are inquisitive and enjoy exploring, a tall selected porch with lots of nooks and crevices will keep your kitten happy and interested.

5. Devon Rex

Devon Rex is a medium-sized brown cat with expressive wide eyes and huge pendulous ears. These adorable cats have long, thin bodies, delicate limbs, and tails. The Devon Rex is a tiny cat with a curly, short coat. The coat has a very smooth and silky feel. These cats are ideal for allergy sufferers due to their short hair.

Their coat is available in black, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and white. Devon Rex’s grooming and care are second nature to him. Because their short coat is frail and easily damaged, they do not require brushing. A little stroking with a towel will keep your kitten from wandering. Devon Rex cats are quite loving and will frequently accompany you around the home and sleep next to you when you’re relaxing.

These cats are extremely friendly and would make ideal pets for homes with children. They are naturally busy and inquisitive, and they require a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Because they are curious, they frequently inspect your belongings and jump on your chairs.


As you can see, learning basic facts about the five best card breeds brown in color is useful for better understanding the world of felines. Each one of these cat breeds would have piqued your interest if you are a fan of brown cats like us.

Which do you own or want to get as a pet? Please provide a compelling justification in the comments section below. Also, please let us know if you have any direct knowledge concerning any of the cat breeds we talked about today.


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