How to Unstick Two Dogs – 3 Facts to Know

how-to-unstick-two dogs
How to Unstick Two Dogs?

Even while it may appear frightening, it is crucial to understand that there is no need to fear because it is perfectly normal and natural.

It’s natural for them to be in a “knot,” and it’s the only way for them to mate effectively, so you don’t have to worry about “how to get dogs unstuck?”

While it may appear and be unpleasant for them at times, particularly when it pertains to dogs mating for the very first time, it is critical not to panic and to attempt to calm the dogs down gently.

1. How Long Dogs Get Stuck

The length of time it takes for any two dogs to untangle depends on factors like the dogs’ disposition and the extent to which the dogs in issue are familiar with one another.

If both dogs are calm and have previously mated, they can be untangled from one another within 5 to 15 minutes of mating.

However, if the dogs in issue are extremely hostile and are mating for the first time, their efforts to break free from each other might complicate the separation procedure , causing them to be stuck for a lengthy amount of time.

2. Why Do Dogs Get Stuck After Mating?

There are numerous hypotheses as to why dogs remain chained to each other as part of their inherent mating process. Scientists believe that throughout the tie, the male dog ejaculates a little quantity of prostate fluid, which may assist push his sperm farther into the female, boosting the probability of conception.

The knot may also keep other canines from coupling with the female till the male’s sperm enters the egg. In terms of why they face different ways, it might be a protective strategy that permits them to observe their environment in 360 degrees. When a male dog mate with a female, his penis becomes clogged with blood and swells.

The bulbus glandis, which consists of two glands at the base of the penis, can swell to three times their normal size. As the canines grow in size, the female’s vulva contracts around and squeezes the male’s genitalia tightly, leaving the dogs “locked” in place.

3. Dogs Getting Stuck During Mating – What Should You Do?

Rather than attempting to physically separate the dogs, assume a calm demeanor and attempt to keep the female pooch quiet.

If you are successful in relaxing the female dog, the dog may relax its vaginal walls , making it simpler for the male dog to remove its penis.

Do not intervene if you observe two canines trapped together after mating. ‌

While female dogs may weep, whine, snarl, or bark at times, this is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Dogs will occasionally worry, particularly if they are untrained or if this is their first time. If you know the dogs, soothing and urging them to remain calm will lessen stress until the knot breaks spontaneously.

Do Not Try to Separate Them

Separating them may cause significant injury to both canines as well as undue stress. The male dog’s penis will eventually return to normal size, the female dog’s womb will relax, and the two canines will be able to go their ways.

It’s fair to want to separate them if you want to avoid a pregnancy or are concerned about the female’s agony. It is typical to hear the female “cry” during this procedure , but attempting to break the copulatory knot might do her far more harm.

Even if you are outraged since you did not want the canines to mate, do not attempt to separate them because the male already has ejaculated. There isn’t anything you could do to stop fertilization once it has begun. Attempting to divide the canines will only endanger them. If the mating was inadvertent, dog owners should see their veterinarian about birth control methods.

The Pregnancy Issue

Alizin, an anti-progestagenic injection, can be used to end the pregnancy, and if you’ve ever read about how to unstick two dogs, you’ve probably heard of it. However, this veterinary medicine is only licensed for usage in a few European nations and not in the United States.

This injection is completely successful if administered within 22 days following the mating. Its effectiveness will wane beyond that period. Spaying your female dog is the most efficient technique to end the pregnancy and avoid future mishaps.

When to See the Vet?

If, for whatever reason, both dogs remain stuck together as well longer than intended – one hour or more – you should call and describe the situation to a veterinarian.

Most dogs usually get unstuck between 5 and 45 minutes (although 5-20 is more common) after sexual intercourse, although in exceptional cases, the procedure might take several hours. If your dog is the afflicted party, an immediate visit to the veterinarian is a must.

Preventing Dogs From Mating – Which Strategies to Apply?

If you opt to maintain an intact male and female dog in your house, you should have a strategy in place for when the female goes into season. Some dog owners believe that making the female wear diaper will stop the male from mating , but an aroused, motivated male is unlikely to be prevented from mating in this manner. The following are the most effective methods of preventing mating:


As you can see, learning how to unstick two dogs is not a topic we should take lightly. Experienced dog breeders understand that the tie is a natural part of the process and will do all possible to keep the female relaxed and happy until the dogs split on their own.

<br> Make sure you don’t overstress the dogs or force a separation since this might cause major harm to the dogs and possibly prevent future breeding. If you are new to dog procreation, look for seasoned breeders who can coach and guide you so that you can give the finest care for all of the dogs involved.

We hope this guide helped you to learn something new about this topic and what is the right decision if you face with this situation, also on our blog section you can read related articles that can help you in various situations.

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