These are 5 Best Collars For the Chihuahua – Ultimate Guide

The 5 Best Collars For the Chihuahua – Buying Guide The 5 Best Collars For the Chihuahua – Buying Guide

Ultimate Guide: Best Collars For The Chihuahua

If you ever considered the fact of buying at least one out of the five best collars for Chihuahuas, you have come to the right place. Chihuahua dogs are known for their delicate nature and bodily structure, so purchasing proper collars is paramount for their health and socialization.

Whether you are looking for the best shock collar for Chihuahua or a collar for a Chihuahua puppy, the principle is the same – you should opt out of high-quality products. 

Even if you are just looking for a Chihuahua training collar that will be around your dogs for short time, it is important to invest in it. With the advent of the internet, dog owners are starting to ask questions about products, but there is still a lack of useful information on the topic.

With that idea in mind, I have decided to create a guide that will help all dog owners get the best Chihuahua collars available on the market. Although most of the given collars are intended for adult dogs, they also serve a purpose as Chihuahua puppy collars.

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1. Blueberry Pet Essentials

BrandBlueberry Pet
Closure TypeBuckle

The first name made its way to the five best collars for the Chihuahua list for several reasons. It comes in X-small size, perfect for smaller dog breeds, and you can purchase it with a matching leash and harness, although you need to buy them separately. The product uses nylon fabric that has a high-density webbing which adds to durability, while the buckles are eco-friendly plastic. My first thought is that the collar is quite durable.

During the testing, it has proved to be quite strong, and it goes without trouble through dirt, mud, and grass, while still being relatively intact. The collar has enough space for both a phone number and a dog’s name, and that is how you should write them down because once you tie the collar, it can be tricky to read the phone number. Although it still looks incredibly well on a dog, it loses the purpose of a tracker. You can tack the problem by writing the phone number first, and the name second. It is less aesthetically pleasing but much more practical.

There are several main reasons why I like the collar. It is quite small, and without additional frills, with quite a durable clasp, which won’t come apart if you try to tear it. Moreover, the adjuster is phenomenal, it doesn’t wear and tear with time. It also withstands washing cycles quite well. Even after a couple of them, it remains fresh and neat, without any loss of color shade. I find the coloring to be quite an important part of the collar for unforeseen situations when one loses sight of a dog.



2. Lionet Paws Dog

ColorBlue Grid
BrandLionet paws
Closure TypeBuckle

Lionet’s collar offers a design of fabric, sewn with high-quality cotton and stainless steel buckles, which is one of the reasons why it is on the best five collars for the Chihuahua list. Welding of D-rings is exquisite, and it adds to durability and strength. I like the fact that bowties have a traditional design, and they are hand-sewn. You can attach them to a collar with the help of an elastic strap. From an ergonomic perspective, it is an excellent fit. It is possible to attach the bowtie to any type of collar without modifying the collar. That solution is very practical because it eliminates the need for additional purchases, while still retaining maximum functionality.

I object that one should wash bowties in a washing machine, but you can always remove them from the collar and wash them with the help of water and mild soap. From personal experience, they are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of mishandling (and misbehavior from our furry friends). They don’t get too dirty by mud or wet grass, but I do recommend washing the collar at least once a week since the soap will clean it, without damaging the fabric.

Moreover, the bow has a solid structure to itself and it stays in place (and shape), even under difficult handling conditions, which is a great thing if you have a mischievous dog. One of the important facts is that the collar functions as one collar should, so it doesn’t serve just decoration purposes, although it does a fair job in that regard as well.



3. Aolove Basic Classic

Closure TypeBuckle

Aolove’s collar sports a combination of leather and alloy, along with five adjustment holes that guarantee the possibility of making the perfect fit. It is both a fashionable and personalized collar that offers a strong and sturdy design. All of those combined make it a perfect candidate for the best five collars for the Chihuahua list. One of the key factors with the collar is the fact that it has great padding support.

Practically, it means that the dog’s neck will have full and comfortable support at all times. Even if your dog is quite gentle, it will be able to sleep with the collar on with no issues. Another practical thing is the extreme durability of the collar. It easily keeps the same look and design for a couple of months, without any aesthetic changes. The color doesn’t come off, so it is an additional plus for safety reasons that I have already discussed.

Furthermore, it expands, so one can use it for a puppy, and when the puppy grows a bit, it will still have its collar. I generally keep the collar at the largest setting so my Chihuahua can slip it off, but when you use it normally for play and similar, monitored activities, it is safe to go down a notch or two. I would like to have the extra leather loop because the excess length doesn’t look quite well when you tie it, but it is a design fault I am willing to compromise with.



4.CollarDirect Rolled

Closure TypeBuckle

The main reason why Collar Direct enters the race in the best five collars for the Chihuahua list is its phenomenal design. It packs a genuine soft leather design that offers a maximum comfort level and longevity in an excellent combination that aims to provide any dog with utmost satisfaction. The main advantage of a rolled collar is that it helps with mattings, and doesn’t leave skin tags on the dog’s neck. Many types of collars do leave neck marks and damage a dog’s skin with micro-abrasions and irritations that are difficult to spot with the naked eye. Luckily, rolled collars don’t suffer from those maladies, so they are a safe solution for dogs that matt a lot.

The given collar has a D-ring that doesn’t break and bend. I also like that the leather collar can fit any name tag. An additional advantage in terms of style is that owners can pick a color to reflect the dog’s personality. Moreover, it is possible to put the ID and dog’s license into the collar, and you can also attach a leash to it.

Most of the time, I keep the collar on the last hole, and it seems like a great fit for my Chihuahua. My objection goes to the leather quality. Although it looks gorgeous and it is a high-end material, it reflects a slight feeling of questionable durability, if you use it with a strong puller. On the other hand, the sawn finish looks outstanding, and in combination with an orange color, it gives a royal impression. Moreover, it is also an important safety feature that comes in handy when you want to locate your dog.



5. CollarDirect Small

Closure TypeBuckle
Target SpeciesDog

The last name earns its name on the best five collars for Chihuahua dogs by providing strong, but flexible nylon webbing. It also has a high-quality metal side buckle with vivid colors that seem not to lose any shade as time goes by. I like the hygiene part of the given collar since it is very easy to clean and maintain, and the nylon collar is one of the easiest and most practical for everyday use. I find the combination of the carbine and the collar to work the best for daily walks since it prevents tangling, and the leash doesn’t wrap around.

With all of those considerations, I must say that collar passes all durability tests. It also adjusts to very small sizes and it packs a reflective tape of great quality with phenomenal stitching. I like the reflective tape because it offers much-needed practicality for night walks or unexpected activities. The collar can’t break away and the lock does a splendid job in locking it in place. The whole mechanism is very sturdy and can hold tight, even under demanding conditions. In the past, I have faced issues with a locking mechanism (either too stiff or too loose), so the one CollarDirect offers come as a pleasant surprise with hitting the right balance.

The overall design with the combination of nylon that is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin, and strong heavy-duty metal is perfect (and not difficult to unlock) for owners and dogs that like to spend their time in nature. My only objection goes to the metal parts that can be melted roughly, and it represents an issue that can damage the dog’s skin. However, it is only the package issue and not the product defect.



Questions & Answers

Should Chihuahuas wear collars?

Did you ever wonder what is a good collar for the Chihuahua dog, or even should this dog breed wear a collar? The question is somewhat complex. Chihuahua’s necks are delicate and sensitive, so using collars in combination with a leash is not a good choice.

However, using a harness with the collar is permissible and recommendable. You’ll have more control when walking your pet, and there won’t be any stress on their bodies.

When it comes to the collar itself, they can wear them. Make sure to buy the one suitable for their size, and aim for the most gentle type you can get.

What size collars do Chihuahuas need?

The rule of thumb says that the size of 8 to 14 inches is the best range for Chihuahua dogs. Due to their built and neck delicacy, lightweight collars are the most suitable choice for Chihuahuas.

When buying, aim to get the breakaway collar, especially if your canine wears the collar all day long. Collars are an excellent choice to have around the house, but for walking, the harness is a better choice. It will put less stress on their neck and spine, and they are more likely to accept it.

What leash is best for Chihuahua?

There is a constant battle about whether a harness or a classic collar (with a leash) is the best for Chihuahua. Even though many claims that one doesn’t need a leash for Chihuahuas due to their small size, the opposite is the truth.

Owners need to keep their pets in check and for their safety (and the safety of other animals), they need to have leashes.

However, getting the proper harness is a wise choice for dog walking and other activities. It will put less strain on their neck and back while allowing owners to maintain more control.

What is the best bark collar for a Chihuahua?

Although many owners think that small dogs don’t need bark collars, the opposite is the truth. Using the best bark collar is a must to keep your pet in line and to ensure proper training and development.

Many brands on the market offer bark collars for Chihuahuas. Most of them are quite light and compact and don’t even have a shock feature, but instead rely on sound and vibration features.

However, even using shock bark collars can yield good results, if you buy small and compact sizes that have the Chihuahua size in mind. The rule of thumb is to search for the mark “safe for children” or a similar quotation because these types of bark collars work well for Chihuahuas.


There are many reasons to buy at least of the five best collars for the Chihuahua dog, and all of them are related to your dog’s socialization and well-being status.

Although there are slight differences between getting the best shock collar for Chihuahua, and a stop barking collar for small dogs, the whole science behind boils to the dog’s handling and behavior.

As a responsible owner, you should always try to get the best products you can get your hands on, and if you choose any of the collars mentioned above, you are on your way to making your dog happy. 

Just bear in mind that you will probably have to change a couple of them, as your dog grows and that it is important to choose accordingly to your dog’s overall health, fur, and activity levels you practice together.

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