These are 5 Best Brushes For Short Hair Chihuahua – Ultimate Guide

5 Best Brushes For Short Hair Chihuahua

Ultimate Guide: Best Brushes For Short Hair Chihuahua

Have you ever considered purchasing at least one, or maybe even 5 best brushes for short hair Chihuahua? 

If you did, the chances are high that you are a true pet lover who knows the importance of purchasing the right grooming equipment for your pets.During the last couple of years, many dog owners are trying to buy at least one high-quality hairbrush for chihuahua, or the best brush for long-haired chihuahua, depending on what type of dog they own.

Although it is not easy to find the best brush for Chihuahua, it is easier to find the available information, compared to the period before the tech age. On the other hand, we still lack high-end content on the internet, so it can be tricky to find the right gear, like a chi slicker brush, or a Furminator for Chihuahua.  

Since I love exploring the world of dog grooming and I am keen on helping fellow animal lovers, I have decided to create a comprehensive guide on the five best brushes for short hair Chihuahuas. It is important to note that these brushes can also be used on long-hair dogs, with small tweaks, depending on the dog breed and fur thickness of your four-legged friend. 

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1. Coastal Pet Brush

Hair TypeAll
Product BenefitsDetangle
BrandCoastal Pet

Coastal pet has a double-sided design that is quite effective in the removal of hair and debris, thanks to wire pins that are quite durable and effective.  One of the awesome features of the brush is its uncanny ability to distribute natural oils throughout a dog’s coat which in turn results in shiny hair. In addition, it also offers quite a versatile application that is suitable for many different dog breeds and coat types, which means that the use is not limited to short hair Chihuahuas. 

I generally start sessions by using the bristle brush since it helps in getting the coat straight, and as I move forward, I get the tangles out with the help of the pin side of the brush (the pin side is much more delicate and fine). Moreover, the pin side is exquisite for shedding the fur off, while it is also quite gentle, and it is one of the reasons why I put it on the five best dog brushes for short hair Chihuahua list. Overall, the brush is phenomenal for removing the excess fur from the coat, and my Chihuahua didn’t complain about pain or discomfort during grooming sessions. 

The only objection I have regards the limiting color design of the brush. It is available only in army green color, so one can’t choose other colors to their fancy. On the other hand, the brush is affordable and does a rock-solid job in what it should do, so overall, it gets the green light.



2. FURemover Handheld Brush

Item Dimensions LxWxH13.15 x 4.7 x 1.5 inches

The FURemover is a versatile tool that allows one to remove the pet hair from both clothing and upholstery. The brush has a dual-sided design; the thick bristle side can groom your Chihuahua (or even a cat), and help with trapping the loose fur. On the other hand, the fine bristle side does an extraordinary job of removing lint and fur from clothes, furniture, etc. 

One of the coolest features of the brush and one of the reasons why it is on the five best dog brushes for short hair Chihuahua list is its easy-to-clean feature. It is enough to wash away the excess hair, with simple soapy water. After that, you can sanitize the brush (highly recommended), and it will last years to come. I also like the fact that it comes in multiple colors, making it an excellent choice for those who like vibrant tones. 

Right from the start, it is easy to notice how easily the brush swipes all the fur. The reason for that is the silicone head which creates a static charge and then the fur „glues“ to it. Furthermore, it is easy to remove and dispose of, with just a couple of moves. In the same way, I must mention the negatives, because the only tangible objection relates to the volume of the fur it can remove. It can eradicate up to 85% of the fur, which means that sometimes you will need to do multiple sessions to get the work done.



3. FURminator Soft Brush

Hair TypeStraight
Product BenefitsDetangle

Another FURminator is a simple and comfortable brush that aims to serve dogs with troublesome surface mats. It does a phenomenal job in removing the surface mats. The brush has a medical-grade design that offers a viable solution that can reduce the pressure on a dog’s skin. It does a splendid job of creating a natural shine and it finishes the animal’s coat most beautifully. 

One of the reasons why it made the five best dog brushes for short hair Chihuahua list is the great overall design. Like many Furminator brushes, this one packs a two-sided design. The side with pins serves as an undercoat and mat removal. Similarly, the other side (the one where the pins are bent away from the handle) has the purpose of smoothing the coat, after you are finished removing the mats and the undercoat. 

Likewise, the cool thing is the fact that it is flexible since it bends with the pressure, compared to many competitors that remain stiff. I recommend owners to bear in mind that bristles can be relatively harsh on the skin, so try to use the soft side to test the waters. Similarly, I advise using a „harsh side” strictly for the undercoat and harden mats. Equally important, make sure to start the brushing session slowly to see what works the best for your dog.



4. Mr. Peanut's Grooming Glove

MaterialSilicone Rubber
Hair TypeAll
Size9 x 6.5 inch
BrandCoastal Pet

It is easy to appreciate Mr. Peanut’s product because it represents an excellent choice for all dog types. First, it does a more than a decent job in removing all of the excess furs your dog might have to stick around. As a result, dog owners don’t have to sweep their floors so frequently since the brush is an excellent addition to their cleaning arsenal. The design is self-explanatory. 

It is a simple glove with a brush, so from an ergonomic point of view, it is fairly easy to use and take the grasp. Furthermore, it is intuitive, and you will always be able to control the amount of pressure you apply while petting/shedding/brushing your dog. Second, it can also serve as a massage tool, especially if your dogs love that. It is important to note that such versatility is the reason why I included it on the five best dog brushes for short hair Chihuahua. 

I was able to pull a lot of fur from my dog’s undercoat with this glove brush. Moreover, it was easy to pull short guard hairs. Even if you have a cat, you can still benefit from purchasing the brush, especially if your cats have issues with coughing their fur. 



5. Furbliss Dog Brush

Hair TypeAll
Product BenefitsDetangle
BrandCoastal Pet

In addition to the first four picks, there is the last contender on the five best dog brushes for short hair Chihuahua. Furbliss offers a multi-functional, two-sided brush. It has the intention of providing the best grooming experience to both dogs and cats. Equally important, the silicone grade silicone ensures comfortable and safe brushing sessions, because it is much safer to use, compared to traditional bristle brushes and harsh metals. 

Next, the brush is versatile, because it is possible to use it for fur removal, and lint cleaning, and it even regulates fur and hair issues in automobiles and upholstery. From a practical point of view, it is also very easy to clean and maintain, with the use of clean water and soap. Once you remove the fur, you can sanitize it and use it again. 

Furthermore, the medical-grade silicone is an excellent choice for Chihuahuas and other animals with more sensitive skin since it won’t cause any damage if your pet accidentally moves or mischiefs. Static cling is excellent and efficient in hair removal, so you can easily see the results for yourself. However, I didn’t have the best experience when it comes to removing hardened mats or undercoats, so if your pet has those issues, it would be wise to combine Furbliss with metal wired or with a bristle brush.



Questions & Answers

What kind of brush do you use on a short hair Chihuahua?

Overall, Chihuahua maintenance is quite simple. Their fur is relatively short and easy to keep in a good condition. You will need a dog conditioner, a brush, and shampoo. Moreover, getting cotton balls and ear cleaners is a must if you want to take proper care of your pet, and ensure their good health.

Specifically, when it comes to the brush, using a bristle brush is a recommendation. They come with soft bristles on a flat base, thus making the perfect choice for Chihuahua’s fur. Next, using the fine-tooth comb is highly advisable for dogs that don’t have large undercoats, and Chihuahuas fall into this category.

Should I brush my short hair Chihuahua?

As with all dogs, brushing short-haired Chihuahua is a must if you want to maintain proper canine hygiene. Using brushes is important, and you should brush them at least once per week. 

Make sure to work your way from the upper layers of fur, down to the undercoat. However, it is possible to brush them more frequently, and that is a good rule for the long-haired Chihuahua breed. 

You can apply the same rule with a short-haired breed, but more often than not, once a week is enough to keep their fur in a good shape. 

What kind of brush is best for a short-haired dog?

Using a FURminator soft brush is quite a good choice when it comes to short-haired breeds. The brush offers a medical-grade silicone that minimizes the chance of skin injury. 

Since Chihuahuas are a short-haired breed, it is super-important to use gentle brushes so as not to damage their skin. Next, the brush serves the purpose of maintaining the undercoat, as well as offering a high level of hygiene for upper layers of fur. 

As a rule of thumb, soft slicker brushes offer the best deal when it comes to short-haired breeds. They work well in reducing the undercoat while keeping the fur and skin safe. 

What is the best brush for a shedding Chihuahua?

Although Chihuahuas are not the most troublesome when it comes to shedding, they do lose their coat. For properly maintaining their fur during these periods, it is good to have a good brush. 

Slicker brushes are an excellent choice since they strike a balance between being soft on their skin, and removing the loose undercoat at the same time. Another good choice is using a soft rubber brush. 

Although they are not so effective for matted undercoats, they work wonders on short-haired Chihuahuas that don’t have a big shedding problem. Moreover, they are super gentle on the skin, and by using them, your canine won’t suffer any unwanted skin conditions. 


As you can see, there are many reasons to get the five best dog brushes for short hair Chihuahua. Given the fact that all of the brushes come at an affordable and reasonable price range, there is a good chance that you can make multiple purchases to combine what you like so that you get the best possible result in terms of grooming.

A hairbrush for Chihuahua is a must if you want to properly maintain your dog’s fur, and from the article above you can see that it is quite easy to get your hands on the best dog brush for short-haired dogs with the combination of know-how and little experimentation. No matter which brushes from the list you choose, your furry friend will be thankful. 

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