9 Reasons Why Does My Dog Stand On Me – Guide


One of the most common questions among dog owners is why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know is what we answer. 

Dogs are social animals, and when we spend too much time playing with our laptops or have been out all day for work, they likely miss us.

When you get home, your dog will be there to greet you. If the first thing your dog does when you walk in the door is jump on you, this is a sign of affection. They are so happy to see you! 

Your dog wants to know that he or she has your full attention. If they have it while standing on you, they will often decide to stay there as long as possible. Dogs also like to stand on us because it means they are higher up than we are and feel safe and in control. 

Dogs also stand on us because we give them something more comfortable to rest their feet on than the cold floor. Some dogs like the feeling of being able to stick their feet out from under a blanket or bedspread and not have them touch anything but air. Sometimes our dogs stand on us because it gives them an excuse for not moving when we ask them to do something (like move off of us). 

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1. Learned Behavior


This is also why dogs can learn to “sit” or “stay”. It is not because they are born with this ability, it is because a human has trained them to do so. Dogs are also very good at picking up on the body language and moods of humans, especially their masters, so if you are fearful or anxious around your dog (I was), the dog will sense this and will be more likely to react accordingly. So try not to show your fear if you have one around dogs. 

This is because dogs are extremely social creatures who crave human interaction and attention, therefore to answer the question why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know is a good start. Dogs want to please their owners, and so a dog may appear sad if its owner scolds it or angry when the owner punishes them for bad behavior, even though that might not be what the animal was feeling in the first place.

2. Playing Time


Another reason why dogs stand on you or want to do so is that they feel like it’s the playing time. It is something that can be either linked to the first point (you have taught them that behavior) or something that they genetically have, depending on the dog breed. In any case, don’t feel bad about it. If you are resting or sleeping, your dog will try to get your attention in one way or another. 

Now, this type of behavior could be described as cute, but if it happens too often, or goes for too long, it can become problematic, especially if they do it to every visitor. The behavior is not only cute but shows that your dog cares for you. 

However, if this becomes an issue and the dog barks at or nudges people all day long it could be a sign of something more serious. This can become problematic when visitors come to the door because they are scared by your dogs’ behavior or annoyed with them continuously barking and nuzzling their pants leg while trying to visit you in person!

3. Food Time


The third reason why might a dog jump on you, or try to stand on top of you is that that is how they signal their hunger. If that is the case, there could be several reasons why they do it that way. It could be linked to learned behavior, but it could have its roots in the genetic makeup. It could also be a combination of both. 

Similarly, a dog’s instinct is to hunt for food and then eat it. And by jumping on you or standing on top of you, the first thing they are going to do is sniff around your neckline (especially if there’s an open zipper) to determine what kind of goodies might be inside. If they find something worth their while-like a piece of bacon, chicken breast, or steak–they’re likely to lick up every last bit before slinking away with all due haste.

4. To be close to you


Dogs have a protective instinct and they naturally form bonds with their owners and their families. Consequently, they display certain behaviors that show closeness to their humans. Similar to cats who sleep on their owner’s chest, dogs can try to stand on you for similar reasons. The dog’s closeness can show itself in different ways, one of which is standing on you to try and get as close to your chest as possible. 

This behavior could stem from a need for security or even just a desire for affection like cats who often sleep on top of people’s chests because that makes them feel safe. That is another answer to the question why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know. 

Dogs can sense when their owner is feeling stressed. They want to be by your side and give you some love whenever they see that something’s wrong with you. It helps calm them down when they know that no matter what happens, somebody loves them unconditionally – even if it’s just a dog!

5. The Personality of your dogs


A lot of behavior depends on the dog breed you have. Anyone who has dealt with canines knows that the behavior of a German Shepherd isn’t the same as the one of the Border Collie. 

That is why some breeds display standing on their human more often than others. A German Shepherd will typically display more dominance and assertiveness while the Border Collie, being calmer and less likely to be pushy with its human, may not exhibit such behavior as often or at all. 

Furthermore depending on how you treat your pup can affect their behavior too; if they feel neglected or mistreated they might become aggressive because that’s what gets attention from humans. The breed you own will dictate your experience with them extensively. It is important to research the breeds available before deciding which one might suit you best!

6. Your dog is sick


Another reason (and the one that requires an immediate visit to the vet) why a dog might stand on you, or at least try it is the state of sickness. Dogs can’t speak, but they do communicate, and one way to convey their feelings is by standing on a fellow human. Sickness is the one condition that requires immediate attention, even for adult dogs. 

Next, a sick dog will try to convey their feelings to you by standing on you if they can’t speak or move around as much as usual. Moreover, it is another reason why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know, and this one is quite important. Dogs aren’t able to tell us when something’s wrong with them, so it’s up to you and your vet instinct! 

Imagine what it would be like if we had no warning system when something bad happened to us. You can’t see or feel a heart attack coming, and you don’t know that your kidneys are malfunctioning until they have completely failed. Dogs do not tell us when something is wrong with them, so we must take the initiative to help our canine companions stay healthy!

7. They want attention


Your furry friend might want to stand on you because they want attention. If you have been busy and didn’t give a lot of attention to your dog, they might want to remind you to do it – by standing on you. It could be a funny way to tell you that you need to get the leash and take them for a walk. 

They can do this by standing on top of the person’s feet and becoming restless. It is a way for them to make themselves heard in their language – which we need to learn if we have not already mastered theirs! Dogs in the wild would stand on other members of their pack to show dominance. 

This behavior is often seen when dogs are vying for attention or trying to tell you that they want a walk. In this situation, if your dog has not been getting much love from you and then stands on your lap, it might be because she wants some more time with her humans! Lastly, dogs are social creatures who rely heavily on human companionship; so don’t forget about them next time we’re busy!

8. They Love you


Your dog is your best friend. It is the truest proverb ever written. They love us, even more than we love ourselves. If you are kind to your furry friend, they will love you even more in return. 

With that in mind, you should know that they express their love in different ways. One of them is by standing on their favorite human. Dogs are very sensitive to their owners and will behave in a way that they know pleases them. This answers the question of why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know in a very unique and cute way.

A dog can be the one thing that you need when life gets tough, as it’s been shown time and time again. Similarly, that is another answer to the question why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know. If your day has not gone well, coming home to your pup waiting at the door with such joy is sure to put a smile on even grumpy faces. 

Dogs have an uncanny ability to know what we need before we do ourselves – if you tell yourself no more treats or snuggles or walks today because you think it’s too much work for everyone involved then this might make things difficult for both of us but let me assure you: I’ll go find something else fun instead!

9. They show domination


The behavior that needs to be eliminated from your dog’s repertoire is standing on for the reason that is linked to showing the domination. Dogs are pack animals, therefore, they want to exhibit the behavior of an alpha dog in the pack. s

Since they live in cohabitation with humans, the owner must teach the dog that the human is a pack leader or an alpha. Therefore, any behavior that is not aligned with that should be addressed. It can be tricky to know why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know, and this is one that is often underappreciated.

The human must take the leadership role in the dog’s life to be able to ensure that the behavior is not carried over into other areas of his life, as he would be an alpha dog in any situation. To avoid this, the owner should make sure that the dog understands who is in charge and what is expected of him. This should be done by letting him know that he must follow orders from his owner. 

The way this is done is by teaching him commands like “sit” and “stay.”  The owner will also have to make sure that he has a good relationship with the dog so that it does not feel threatened or inferior around him. 

This can be achieved by playing with it daily, giving it a lot of attention, and showing love towards it. In the end, this will help build a strong relationship between the two which will help improve trust between them and also allow them to bond as well.


As you can see, there are various reasons and answers to the question why does my dog stand on me? – 9 reasons you should know (as we see it), and I have managed to list the most common ones. 

It is easy to notice that some of that behavior have a genetic base, whilst others are products of learned behavior. It is also vital to note that some situations where your dog stands on you are harmless, while others could be problematic, and should be dealt with appropriately and with love and affection.

Equally important is to say that if you want to avoid the negative aspects of this behavior, you should be consistent and persistent in training your pet to behave correctly. The dog will learn that you are the pack leader and that you have the final say in everything. 

Another great way to deal with this problem is by providing lots of exercise for your dog, as it is known that dogs which are more active are less likely to exhibit certain behaviors than dogs that are not getting enough exercise. No matter what type of behavior you have spotted here, make sure to address it properly and solve the issues as they arise.



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Table of Contents