These are 5 Hunting Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Learning about 5 hunting dog breeds that don’t shed” is essential for hunters who have problems with dog hair allergies.

For generations, hunt hounds have been bred to help homo sapiens in the forest. They are bright, trainable, and make devoted companions. However, if you are allergic to dogs, selecting the proper breed might be difficult.

People who are allergic to dogs are often allergic to the proteins contained in a dog’s saliva or dander. These proteins may be conveyed to you by direct touch or airborne exposure, because the more a dog sheds, hence more dandruff you are exposed to.

While no dog is hypoallergenic, a few breeds come very close , and their hunter instincts make them perfect outdoor companions.

While no dog is hypoallergenic, those who suffer from allergies may frequently experience happiness with one of the following low-shedding dogs. Be sure that you have a good vacuum and a pet air purifier for added safety.

If you’re concerned about pet hair on your furniture and clothes, a good pet hair extractor will keep your property looking pet-free! Discover which low-shedding breed is ideal for you.

These are 5 Hunting Dog Breeds That Don't Sheed

1. Irish Water Spaniel

An Irish Water Spaniel is indeed a powerful, clever hunting dog with a great desire to please. And, as you might expect, the Spaniel is bred to excel in the water. It is very skilled in seeking and recovering birds over water bodies. The Spaniel is still a superb swimmer, which not only pleases the owners but also makes for nice company in the water.

Irish Water Spaniels have endless energy, and playfulness that make this hypoallergenic dog breeds entertaining. They are, however, always eager to learn after they have settled down since they are very open to teaching.

Nonetheless, their delightfully dense curls will not preserve themselves; daily brushing, as well as regular visits to expert groomers, are essential. If you’re looking to retrieve birds from the water, go for a low-shedding Irish Water Spaniel. And if you enjoy duck hunting, you won’t find greater company than this dog.

2. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dogs, much like Irish Water Spaniels, were born to swim. These low-maintenance canines were developed in ancient Portugal to help fishermen at sea hear fish, dive, recover lost equipment, lose gill nets, and sometimes even swim from the boat to the boat to carry messages. These canines are mission-driven and devoted, and they retain their acute concentration to this day.

The Portuguese Water Dog is an outstanding swimmer because of its webbed paws, muscular physique, and hypoallergenic, waterproof coat. This canine breed is eager to learn and exhibits patience and understanding throughout training.

Its hypoallergenic coat is packed with thick, tight curls that require frequent grooming. A simple trip to the groomer aids in the successful maintenance of their coat. The dog breed is ideal for owners who need to recover ducks and birds from the water.

Aside from their devotion and aquatic talents, their athleticism, intellect, and sociability are exceptional. This low-shedding hunting dog has razor-sharp attention and is devoted to its owners and their objective.

They are incredibly athletic, sociable, intellectual, and family-oriented.  These dogs, sometimes called “Porties,” are fantastic companions that enjoy being around humans and other pets, but especially enjoy being in the water.

3. Curly Coated Retriever

Another fantastic hunting partner is the Curly Coated Retriever. This hypoallergenic dog, like the Lagotto, is said to have descended from water dog forebears such as the English Water Dog, Irish Water Spaniel, and Retrieving Setter in the 1600s.

It likes bathing, field testing, and hunting, much like its forefathers.

This non-shedding sporting dog is a great swimmer that likes swimming both for fun and for hunting sessions. Furthermore, this dog breed is loyal and readily obeys your directions. They may also detect your wants throughout hunting sessions and respond accordingly.

More significantly, it has a mild demeanor, making it an excellent family dog. It adores children and is constantly willing to satisfy them.

This curly-coated retriever has a kind attitude and is eager to please. Because they do not require frequent grooming, their coat is thin and minimal maintenance. It does, however, require periodic showers with minimal brushing.

4. Welsh Terrier

The disposition of a Welsh Terrier is regarded as amiable and intelligent, with a desire to please. The Welsh Terrier, a real working terrier, was developed for hunting in North Wales. Additionally, this specific dog breed stood taller on the leg and hence could stay consistent with the hounds.

This hypoallergenic hunt dog was developed to hunt badgers, foxes, otters, rats, and other pests. This dog breed has a dense, rough, but a wiry waterproof outer coat that serves as a blanket over the soft, warming undercoat.

The Welsh are smart, clever, and peaceful dogs that would make excellent pets for children with a similar disposition. Older Welsh Terriers, on the other hand, are ideal companions for the elderly.

5. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a huge dog breed with beautiful hair and agility. They have an exotic character and a majestic look. Because of their regular grooming and care needs, they are called high-maintenance dogs.

The Afghan dog, despite its majestic demeanor, is funny and lively. Nonetheless, they are extremely bright and self-sufficient hypoallergenic dogs with an almost mysterious demeanor . Despite their sleek and elegant appearance, this dog breed is also lively, funny, and intelligent. Furthermore, they are regarded as a shedless dog that is appropriate for allergy-prone families.

This enigmatic dog is a bit rebellious and frequently rejects orders during training. Owners are urged to be patient during the early phases of training . The Afghan Hound has strong prey instincts and makes excellent non-shedding hunting dogs.


As one can see, learning about five hunting dog breeds that don’t shed is essential to being a successful hunter, while not having to suffer issues related to dog hair .

It’s apparent that hunting dogs play an important role in our lives, and it’s also clear that hunting dogs may be more than just hunting companions Many individuals are seeking non-shedding hunting dogs since they dislike vacuuming and having dog hair all across their clothing.

Fortunately, some hypoallergenic and nonshedding canines with innate predatory instincts can assist you in retrieving birds, driving off prey, or hunting wildlife. Select one of the breeds on the list to bring a hardworking, faithful, and fun dog into your home now!

However, it does not eliminate the necessity for routine cleaning. Adopting any of the following hypoallergenic breeds entails agreeing to an unwritten rule of frequent grooming.


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