These are 5 Best Upland Dog Collars – Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide: Best Upland Dog Collars in 2022

Have you thought about owning at least one out of 5 best upland dog collars in 2022, from the variety of those available on the market? 

Dog training can be a tedious task, so if one wants to do a proper job of training his or her pet, they need to equip themselves with high-quality products and props that will make the process straightforward. 

Upland dog collars are gaining their momentum as owners around the world are starting to take pet ownership and general dog training more seriously, compared to previous times.

Unfortunately, the internet lags in providing enough useful buying guides which would ease the process of purchasing the best products. 

Since I am an avid fan of these types of collars, I have decided to put my knowledge into practice to help dog owners find the proper gear that will suit their needs. 

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1. SportDOG Brand

BrandSportDOG Brand
Item Display Dimensions4 x 8 x 12 inches
Closure TypeBuckle
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.25 x 6.81 x 9.38 inches

One of the key reasons why the first choice made the five best upland dog collars in the 2022 list is its incredible versatility. It is possible to train up to three pups with one handheld remote controller (if you opt-out of buying additional collars). 

The package comes with a beeper that is audible to approximately 500 yards and has a couple of modes you can try. 

From a technical perspective, it gives you a choice to choose seven levels of static stimulation, from momentary to continuous, depending on the stage of training and other variables.

Furthermore, the system is completely waterproof and submersible. Before you decide to buy, make sure to check the size of your dog’s neck since the collar has a measuring range from 5 to 22 inches. 

Another key technical point is the lithium battery that charges completely after two hours on the dock, and it has an output of 40 to 60 working hours. The water resistance is probably my favorite feature of the collar because it is super useful for both hunting and recreational reasons. 

I have mainly used it in the vibration mode, and the dog responds quite well to it. I also used the lowest setting, with infrequent excursions to higher settings, but without too much necessity for it.



2. D.T. Systems R.A.P.T.

BrandD.T. Systems
Wheel Size29 Inches


The D.T. System’s product can be used with two or three dogs with the use of extra (add-on) collars, within the range of approximately 1400 yards. 

The collar has 16 levels of intensity, and it offers both nick and continuous stimulations, along with a vibration assist vibration feature for advanced training. This piece of gear can also lockout the transmitter to prevent the stimulation when you don’t want to assert it. 

The system uses rechargeable batteries, the collar is completely waterproof, and its design can fit dogs measuring from 12 to 23 inches in neck width. The stimulation works quite fine with all the dogs I have used it with. 

Overall, I was pleased with the first command (or the lowest intensity setting), because it allows one to correct the dog, without striking a too harsh nick. 

One of the reasons why I included this system on the five best upland dog collars in 2022 is the locator function. It enables owners to press the locator button and it gives information on the dog’s whereabouts, along with the learning tool that will make the dog come back. 

The charging is another selling point because it charges in approximately one and half hours, and the battery holds for eight hours. The package includes the booklet and manual, so the learning curve is quite easy and digestible.



3. Garmin Delta Upland XC

Item Display Dimensions7 x 5.4 x 3.5 inches
Closure TypeButton
Item Dimensions LxWxH1.1 x 2.1 x 5.4 inches

The XC offers incredible 36 levels of stimulation, both nick-based and continuous, along with a tone and vibration feature. Its range is approximately 1300 yards, which comes in handy in open fields. 

The device offers five training configurations, depending on the dog you are working with, and the severity of behavioral problems. Additionally, UX has the “bark limiter” built-in, and it allows one to use it handheld. 

With the purchase of additional collars, it is possible to train up to three dogs with one device. Moreover, the device has a beeper, which eases the search for the dog if you are working in the open field. 

First, it is weatherproof, and it can withstand extreme weather conditions. I have used it at -10 degrees Celsius, and it worked without a flaw, even during the snowstorm. Second, a beeper option is exquisite and it works quite fine. 

Finally, the device also has the “hawk screech” features, which will come in handy if you love bird hunting. The battery system offers solid autonomy, with a lithium-based battery in the dog’s transmitter and device, respectively. 



4. Dogtra 2700 T&B 1

ColorOrange, Black
Closure TypeClicker


The fourth contender aims at dogs, weighing 35 pounds or more. It offers a great, single-body design with a downward-facing beeper. It serves the purpose of eradicating the risk of getting tangled in obstacles when out in the field. 

The collar is adjustable to dogs with neck sizes ranging from 6 to 26 inches. The device sports lots of great features, It offers the range of one mile, with a fully ergonomic collar and receiver, along with mesmerizing 127 levels of stimulation. 

Furthermore, Dogtra allows owners to adjust the collar sensitivity, and alternate between momentary “nick mode” to continuous stimulation.

It also has beeper modes, which are beneficial when you want to precisely locate your dog, and they come with adjustable volume levels. One of the things I like a lot about Dogtra is the sound level. 

It is loud enough to startle the pup (not in a negative way) so that I don’t have to use the shock option to get its attention. The beep can be heard even at the lowest volume, and dogs seem to react quite well to the beeps and vibrations. 

The device aims at dogs who don’t have extensive behavioral issues, so it is advisable not to use it with aggressive dogs.



5. DT Systems H2O1850

Size‎ 9.5 x 3.75 x 12.25 inches; 3.95 Pounds
Item modelH2O 1850 PLUS
Department Unisex-adult

The last name on the list offers a range of up to one mile. It packs a lightweight design, with a weatherproof collar and transmitter. 

The system has 18 customizable intensity levels of stimulations, along with a continuous one. It ranges from gentle touch to mild stimulations. Moreover, it sports three beeper functions (location, run, and point, point-only). 

If you have two dogs, you can use the system with an H20 add-on collar. A rechargeable battery system powers the device and it has a built-in safety shut-off feature. 

The locator feature is one of the reasons why I put DT on the five best upland dog collars in 2022. It always works without the flaw, and it is extremely precise, with a sound alarm that is loud enough to pick up the signal at all times. 

The next awesome feature is great battery life since it provides multiple hours of continuous workload. The work modes are great and they can be adjusted to different dog behaviors, depending on the training type and the behavioral issues (if you are facing one). The only flaw I can find is the collar, which can be tricky to put on smaller dogs who don’t have wide necks.



Questions & Answers

Which dog collar is best?

Dogtra 2700 T&B 1 is the best choice for dog owners for a couple of reasons. First, it has multi-practical and numerous levels of stimulation. Dogrtra owners can alternate between different levels of sensitivity, depending on a dog’s breed or dog’s personality.

Alas, it also has a continuous sensitivity mode which is an excellent feature. Another cool thing is the “alarm” or the sound level which is quite high. During the training time, owners don’t have to use the vibration or shock modes, because sound level does the job in most cases.

Moreover, the fully adjustable collar makes the perfect fit for different dog breeds, so owners can take their pick, depending on the breed they own. Considering all the reasons given above, choosing Dogtra 2700 T&B 1 is the most sound option dog owners can make.

How to clean dog collars?

Depending on the dog collar type you have, there are different ways to maintain proper hygiene. If you happen to have a nylon dog collar, washing it in the washing machine is a sound option. Nylon is pretty tolerant to washing machine pressure and it can withstand detergent quite well. 

On the other hand, if you want, it is possible to protect it with delicates bags. Additionally, washing it by hand is a good option as well. If you choose to wash it by hand, use a mild soap, baking soda, or vinegar to wash it. 

Place the mixture in a bowl of mild water and thoroughly wash it. Make sure to rinse the collar thoroughly after washing, so as not to risk damaging the dog’s skin.

Should a dog wear a collar all day?

By choosing a proper dog collar in terms of size, material, and color, it shouldn’t be an issue for a dog to wear a collar all day. If you live in an urban area, having a collar can be of tremendous help in case your dog gets lots.

It is especially good to have a collar with a nametag and a phone number because then it is possible to contact the owner.

On the other hand, if you live in the countryside, having a dog collar on your puppy is even more important. The countryside is full of grass, highlands, and trees, areas where it is easy to lose your dog. If they have a colorful or flashing collar, it makes the job of finding them much easier.

Furthermore, a well-fitting collar will remove the need to take the collar off, because it won’t cause tangles with different obstacles, or it would cause any pain to your canine.

Should dogs sleep with their collar on?

No matter how important it is for your dog to wear a collar during the day, it is wise to know that it is not meant to be on 24/7. Since dogs can get skin irritation or issues with their fur, it is highly recommendable to take their collars off while they sleep.

By removing the collar during the night, you are giving your puppy’s skin and fur a chance to breathe, thus making it possible to wear the collar during the day when it should be on.

Moreover, if your canine likes to move around, scratch, or walk at night, removing the collar will make it possible for humans (and other pets) to have a more balanced sleep.


Getting your hands on the five best upland dog collars in 2022 is a must if you want your dog’s training to goes as smoothly as possible.

 It is also vital to have at least one of these in the stash for being able to correct your dog’s behavior when needed. It is vital for both owners and dogs, no matter if your dog hunts with you, or just keeps a company on a regular walk.

Although there are many variables available in the market, and the choice can be overwhelming, if you opt-out of any of the upland collars from the article, you are on a road to having a great relationship with your furry friend. 

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As a dedicated pet owner and founder of Top Pet Products, I possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of dogs and cats, providing invaluable insights and resources to fellow pet enthusiasts worldwide.

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