These are 5 Best Dog Harness For Australian Shepherd – Ultimate Guide

Do you think that all owners wonder what it is like to own the best dog harness for Australian Shepherd?

Well, if you happen to own this breed, you probably have asked this question. Aussies are well known for their active and outdoor-inclined nature, so having a high-quality dog harness is a must.

Recent years have been good to owners in terms of market offers. It is possible to get high-end items at relatively affordable prices. However, not every dog harness for Australian Shepherds is a suitable one. To get the right product, you need to know what is mini Aussie collar size, is or simply, what are best collars for Australian Shepherds are.

Furthermore, getting a good harness means purchasing one that can serve multiple purposes and fulfills all orthopedic (and therapeutic) qualities, especially if your dog is prone to illnesses. So the question remains – how to get a good deal when purchasing these harnesses?

Keep reading to find out!

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1. Fida Harness

Fida is a multi-functional harness in its name and nature. Besides having its original purpose, it also serves as a hiding place for carrying dog food, water, and other items. If you like hiking with your dog, it is the perfect item to have on your canine. Moreover, once the need for the backpack stops, you can fold it and hide it in the pad.

Another awesome thing is the fact that manufacturers used the high-strength 900D nylon material, along with other durable materials. When it comes to comfort, it overs the highest level of it, thanks to nylon oxford and soft cushion that protects the canine’s skin. One of the best things is the soft pad at every pressure load point. It diminishes the effect of every external pressure, thus working as an orthopedic aid.

Furthermore, the handle is padded as well, so owners will have more control over handling. If you like to take night strolls with your Aussie, rest assured that safety measures will be applied, thanks to a reflective material that is stitched into the harness.

Even less experienced owners won’t face problems regarding the handling, thanks to fast-release buckets. The only drawback is the neck size, which appears to be larger than standard.



2.Hurtta Harness

Size24-32 in
The second pick made its way to the best dog harness for Australian Shepherd list thanks to an excellent overall design. If your Aussie is an active canine, you’ll be thrilled to get this harness. It has a 3M reflective piping, which is useful in improving visibility, thus increasing the safety of your dog during nighttime. In terms of practicality, you can adjust it around the neck and chest, until achieving a perfect fit.

Owners won’t have to handle their dogs too much, because a secure handle on the back of the harness makes it easy to put on, thus allowing for more control. It is also weatherproof, thanks to Houndex lamination. Although the surface material is recycled polyester, a breathable mesh in the lining will prevent any chafe or heat issues. The overall design of the harness is probably the key point, along with the high level of durability.

It is possible to have strenuous exercise with this harness, without hurting your dog, or causing any discomfort. Since the material is super comfortable and lightweight, dogs won’t have issues wearing the harness for longer periods. When it comes to negatives, I have noticed that there’s a certain level of sagging in the long chest piece that goes under the dog (on the belly). You can tighten the neck and chest straps, but this will mitigate only half of the issue.




BrandJoyride Harness
Closure TypeBuckle
Target SpeciesDog
Aussie owners who feel that their canines are pulling the leash too hard will appreciate Joyride’s solution. It utilizes a side-ring technology that works in a way to both train the dog and allow owners to put it on their pups with no effort. The harness has an EZ grip handle, and it comes with a reflective outer layer that significantly improves safety, especially at night.

Additionally, the overall design is of the highest quality, with durable materials that provide both strength and comfort. I am also quite fond of the big body strap clip that allows one to get the harness on quickly while securing it to the highest level possible. Since the harness is designed with the dog’s well-being in mind, canines won’t have trouble adjusting to it. You can use any of the three rings on the side to clip the leash, thus making the walk with your dog a breeze.

The “no-choke” and “no-pull” technology is exquisite, and it proves to work well with the dog, even when you practice longer, and more tiresome walks. Getting the size is not difficult, since the design fits nearly every breed, just pick the right number. However, the only flaw I have noticed is the side “D-ring”, because it can be difficult to control the leash on it, but only sometimes.



4. Rabbitgoo

Rabbitgoo offers a one-size-fits-all solution for various dog breeds, by paying attention to their breed differences and preferences. It is a wonder how one harness can fit so many types, but this one shows it is possible. The design is based on a heavy-duty 1050D nylon that sports a top-notch stitching technique that increases the durability of the harness. All of that makes it possible to use the harness in the field, or challenging circumstances.

Since it has two metal shoulder buckles, the harness can withstand great pulling force. The harness has four quick-release buckles in total, with two metal leash attachments, and one front clip for no-pull training. It is a crucial thing to have during training sessions or long walks. Five fully adjustable straps allow a top-tier level of mobility.

Furthermore, it has high-quality pads in pressure load points that protect the canine’s skin, and the air mesh ensures air circulation and overall comfort. All-in-all, the harness is also lightweight, despite all the accessories and features it has. Since it is intended for medium-sized dogs, no Aussie will have trouble getting used to this harness.



5. Tactical

The last pick has a military-style design and durability with high-quality 1000D nylon that comes with mesh padding in all pressure areas. It will ensure Aussies are comfortable at all times. Additionally, it has a professional-grade top handle, along with four quick-release buckles that provide extra safety, and are easy to put on.

I like the Molle system on each side, along with hoop & loop strips where owners can attach pouches or IDs. It also has a Velcro ring on the front, for dog leash attachment, and the patch is visible. However, the harness doesn’t serve as a Mack truck, because it doesn’t tolerate heavy weights that much, so owners should rely on the grab handle to carry the dog. The material is of the highest quality and it allows dogs to breathe comfortably.

Some harnesses can cause micro armpit injuries, but I didn’t notice any issues with this one. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause chafe issues, nor damage the skin. Because this harness is tactical, it means that you can use plenty of pockets and hidden spaces to pack different accessories. In terms of practicality, it is one of the best harnesses on the market.




As you can see, getting the best dog harness for Australian Shepherd can be a straightforward process once you connect all the dots. For example, after learning about Australian Shepherd neck size, or finding about mini Aussie collar size, it is hard to go wrong.

Naturally, you want to make sure that you’re getting the right product, with all the necessary properties. Although it can be an investment you need to make, buying one, let alone five high-end harnesses will go a long way. Regardless of your preferences, or budget, going for any of those listed in the article above will be a safe way for both you, and your furry friend.

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