These are 5 Best Dog Floats for Pool – Ultimate Guide


Ultimate Guide: Best Dog Floats For Pool

Did you ever want to own the best dog float for the pool and swim together with your dog? 

You probably did, if that is right, you came to the right article. With the summer just around the corner, you might be thinking of ways to keep your pup cool and comfortable.

Dog floats are a great way to keep your pup cool and comfortable this summer, and having at least five best dog floats for the pool in 2022 sounds great. 

They provide a place for them to lounge in the water without having to worry about their paws getting wet. 

The market for dog floats has exploded over the last few years. With dog owners becoming more and more creative in their quest to keep their dogs happy and entertained, there is now a wide range of different styles of floats available. 

Here we take a look at five of the best dog floats for a pool that you can buy in 2022.

Even if you already have purchased one, make sure to read through the end of the article, because you might find another one to complement, or replace it.

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1. Kelsyus 80032 Floating

SizeOne Size
Item Weight2.6 Pounds

Kelysyus offers a mesh interior that is suitable for water usage if you want to cool off with your dog during hot, summer days.

It is foldable and it can fold into three compact circles, which enables easy portability and storage. It packs a Jet Valve technology that can be used for an easy inflation and deflation process. 

One of the main things why I like it, and the reason why I included it on the five best dog floats for pool in 2022 is its durability. I had multiple dogs using it, and they were by no means gentle to it. 

It is still intact with no holes in it. I also want to point out the fact that people can use it, even if they are on the taller or heavier side. The overall comfort level is another excellent thing. 

I could lay on it and enjoy the water, as well as the Sun, and dogs love it too. It has hooks on each side, so you can even hook something. 

If you have a dog that loves water, and you want to spend quality time with him or her, you should get one. The only drawback I have found is the valve because at times it can be tricky to fully inflate it. 



2. Intex Explorer Inflatable

Item Weight0.1 Kilograms

Explorer from Intex is a rock-solid solution for all individuals who love to spend time with their dogs either at the pool or at the lake. It has an inflatable pool, made out of plastic and it is quite rigid. 

The package and overall design are one of the reasons why I included it on the list of the five best dog floats for pools in 2022. It has a grab rope on the bow, with welded oarlocks. 

Moreover, it has two air chambers (with double waves), and the repair patch comes with the package. The key thing I like about it is the fact that it can go beyond its limit, and it can handle dog paws, chewing, and mishandling. It is possible to use it in the lake, as well as in the pool, with equal ease. 

Although I don’t recommend going to White Water with your pets if you decide to go by yourself, be sure you can do it. 

The raft is comfortable enough for one adult person and two dogs (or one really big). The material seems quite solid, and it can withstand a lot. 

Dogs seem to love it since it offers the perfect balance between stability and funny floats. Although I object to the quality of the repair kit that comes with the raft, it is a nice feature to have.



3. SwimWays Spring Float

Life Vest TypeType V
Item Weight1.62 Pounds

The third contender is specifically designed to be a floatable home for small and medium dogs, 

It has a fabric covering with fabric that is reinforced so that it can withstand marks and scratches from our furry friends, along with a fully puncture-resistant construction. I have also become fond of the innerspring. 

It is located around the outside edge and it offers improved comfort and stability. Another point can go to the compact because it folds into three discs and the package includes a carry bag, which is a nice travel addition. 

I have tested with a German Shepherd (and it falls into the big dog category), and he loved it. I am still amazed by how durable it is. Since is it quite durable, and portable at the same time, it doesn’t need to be inflated very often. 

It comes in two versions, small and big, and depending on the size of your dog, you can choose the one that suits your needs best. I have discovered that it is the type of raft you should use if you need to push your dog to use it (or you have a big dog). I also love the spring frame since it allows one to dip the edge into the water, and then put your dog on it.



4. Milliard Dog Pool


The Milliard’s float is another dog-friendly solution that is suitable for a swimming pool, pond, lake, or even a river. 

Since it is completely designed for dogs, it is made out of UV and puncture-resistant vinyl that offers extreme strength, because it doesn’t stain, fade, and it doesn’t get ruined. 

The key reason why I included it on the five best dog floats for pool in 2022 is the fact that it offers both durability and utmost comfort level with soft layers that offer better relaxation, compared to plastic counterparts. 

Moreover, it is large enough even for larger dogs, or even a couple of smaller ones. The additional plus is the ergonomic design. You can flip the raft and pick beverages because it has cup holders for increased comfort. 

The shape of the raft is excellent, and almost every dog will have an easy time climbing it up and down, while the suede texture is sturdy enough to withstand dog paws. It is also thick enough to offer significant comfort for both dogs and people. 

One flaw that I have noticed is the lack of a hook for rope. It can be difficult to let your dog roam in the open waters without it, so it is worth paying attention to it.



5. Paws Aboard Doggy

ColorYellow & Blue
BrandPaws Aboard
Item Weight1.25 Pounds

The last name on the list is another surface designed for water-loving puppies. It is shaped like a paw, and it emits the furry-friend energy. 

It can easily be with you and your dog for years to come if you maintain it properly. It also gets points for ergonomic design, because it is easy to inflate and store. 

Since it has a design of 30×23 inches with 4 inches in height, it is suitable for smaller dogs. 

Even if your dog isn’t the biggest fan of water, the raft is the perfect solution because it is easy to get on (and off it), without causing punctures in the texture. 

The raft also has a plastic layer that prevents dogs from slipping and falling. In the personal assessment, I would call it the perfect solution for dogs who love to lay and soak up the sun, without being in the water for too long. 

The only flaw is the size, because it is aimed at smaller dogs, due to its limiting size.



Questions & Answers

How can I make a pool float for my dog?

By far the cheapest solution to make a pool float is to take two empty plastic bottles and tie them around your dog with a soft string. The dog will float in the pool. The downside is the fact that you have a third object (plastic bottles) tied to your dog. 

A second solution is to make a raft with pool noodles, a nylon cord, and a PVC pipe. You place pipes inside the pool noodles and tie them together with nylon. It is quite a durable and floatable solution. Next, overlapping floating mats are a good solution if you want to make a fun maze of mats in the swimming pool for your dog. 

It is easy to make, and you don’t need to employ much DIY effort. Lastly, stacked pool entry mats are a good choice. They use rubber-based material and are quite durable. Most importantly, they float like mad!

Is it OK to put a dog in a pool?

Most dogs love the feeling of being in the water. Unless you have a puppy that doesn’t like to get wet, putting your canine in the water is an excellent way to make them feel relaxed and at ease. Naturally, you’ll want to be there all the time to supervise your furry friend. 

The rule of thumb is not to let your dog drink the water from the pool, to prevent any possible health issues due to chemicals. Moreover, the presence of a dog in the water (or any other animal) will compromise the pool water to an extent. For those reasons, it is important to maintain proper pool hygiene before and post dog baths.

Are inflatable pools good for dogs?

Inflatable pools are one of the most cost-effective and at the same time, the most interesting dog entertainment props one can have. However, canines can’t use standardized kiddie pools because their paws will break through the material.

With that in mind, it would be best to get the proper inflatable pools for dogs (or make one by yourself). Inflatables are excellent for families who take their dogs on a vacation with them, and you can use them in the sea, lake, or even in a slow-stream river. Generally, dogs that love water will love inflatable pools, and using them is a great way to keep your puppy entertained. 

How do I stop my dog from drowning in the pool?

As mentioned above, dogs generally love water and they usually have a good time swimming. However, it can be a dangerous activity by itself, so making sure your dog is safe in the water is paramount. The best way to do this is to teach your canine how to swim.

This process can take place after they grow, at six months of age. Next, investing in a dog life jacket can be a wise choice, if your dog breed isn’t naturally water-inclined. It is not super expensive, but it can save you a lot of trouble.

Another vital thing is to choose the time when your dog will swim. Swimming on an empty stomach, or after a large meal can cause the dog to feel cramps or tensions in the stomach. That way, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to swim.

The golden rule is to wait around 30 minutes after a meal, and don’t go in the water on an empty stomach. Lastly, supervising your dog while swimming (no matter if it is in the pool, lake, or sea), is the best and the safest way to keep them from drowning.


Spending quality summertime with your dog doesn’t have to be limited on the land, since you can enjoy water activities with the five best dog floats for the pool in 2022. Though they vary in size, price, and material, they all provide a high level of comfort for your dog. 

Depending on your activities, preferences of your dog, and other variables, getting each one of these could be a good solution. However, if you opt-out of at least one of them, you will have a memorable summer with your furry friend.

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