These are 5 Best Brushes for Dachshund – Ultimate Guide

The Best 5 Brushes For Dachshund – Buying Guide

Ultimate Guide: Best Brushes for Dachshund

There are numerous reasons and benefits of owning a set of Best Brushes for Dachshund dogs, whether it’s the long-haired Dachshund brush or the best brush for wire-hired dogs.

Silky wire-haired dachshund grooming is extremely important in providing your dog with proper care. Many owners ask do dachshund dogs shed, and the answer is yes. Therefore, having the right equipment is paramount for every responsible owner.

As the internet progressed, many people started searching for answers to the question of how much do long-haired dachshunds shed, but they are still struggling to find the solution to how to tackle the issue in the right way.

Since I have many years of experience working with pets and their owners, I have decided to make a comprehensive guide that aims to help furry friends and their humans reach a viable solution that will eliminate the shedding problem.

So, what are truly the Best 5 Brushes for Dachshund?

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1. KONG Zoom Groom

Hair TypeOily
Item Weight0.21 Pounds

The first choice of the best five brushes for Dachshund comes at a relatively high price range, but it justifies its price by providing high-end quality. The main reason why all dog owners will like it is the ergonomic design. The brush is extremely comfortable to hold, and my Dachshund seemed to enjoy the grooming sessions. 

I like the twofold quality of the brush: it is excellent as a dry brush since it removes all the shed and lose fur, and what’s more important it is perfect for bathtub and wet grooming because it effortlessly reaches the skin to remove the dander. It is quite important because excessive dander can lead to more serious health issues and skin problems down the road.

The durability of this grooming brush is another key point. Although the nubs wear down with time, it is something you should expect, and unless you are a professional groomer, it will last a long time. Compared to many cheaper counterparts, Kong’s product doesn’t damage the growing hair of the dog’s body, which is vital for some breeds. Moreover, if your dog has a skin problem, such as bald spots on the fur, it is safe to use, because it won’t damage the skin.

The design resembles a child’s toy, but it is a professional piece of gear. It has two sides: the bumpy, which is perfect for providing a massage, and the smooth side which does a splendid job of removing loose hair during bathing. The quality of the brush reflects in the fact that it removes much fur from the body, without inflicting skin damage, and it also doesn’t create dandruff.  Overall, it is a much better choice than a stiff brush for certain dog breeds.



2. Four Paws Magic

ColorBlacks & Grays
Hair TypeCurly
BrandFour Paws
Item Weight0.14 Pounds

Four Paws Magic’s comb has a V-shaped design, and its ergonomic touch makes it a suitable candidate for removing the fur from difficult areas on your dog’s coat.

Thanks to stainless steel pins, of one inch in length, it penetrates through hard and wired mats, while the double row of teeth is extremely effective in removing the excess fur, without causing any damage to the cut due to pulling. 

Generally, double rows do come in handy when trying to avoid excessive hair pulling, so if your dog has those types of skin issues, you should always aim for double-rowed products.

I specifically like the fact that it works for medium, long and curly dog coats with the same level of effectiveness. Generally, electric razors have the design necessary for removing coarse coats and long-haired mats. 

The efficacy of the For Paw’s magic comb in that regard is on the same level, which is the reason why I included it on the best five brushes for Dachshund. Dogs think they are getting brushed, and it works on cats as well, because it is non-intrusive and doesn’t have the electric motor that can scare the animal away.

The comb does a phenomenal job in removing dander as well, even if it is deep into the coat. The pins can penetrate thick mats, without causing any damage to the skin itself, and they are quite gentle on your pet. 

Even if your furry friend doesn’t like to have their mats removed, it works wonders on the rest of their coat. Then, you can combine this brush with different grooming tools to get the full package and completely remove the fur.



3. Furminator Curry

MaterialPlastic, Rubber
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
ColorGreen with black handle
Hair TypeAll

Furminator earns its place on the best five brushes for Dachshund dogs due to its ergonomic and design solutions. It comes with molded rubber teeth. It has the role of stimulating natural oil promotion, which promotes coat health. 

It works well with short and medium coats, while the ergonomic handle is extremely secure and comfortable to use, which all owners will appreciate. When it comes to Dachshund, the Furminator does an excellent job, even better than many de-shedding tools. It does so, thanks to its rubber teeth design that can de-shed the coat without causing skin issues.

Moreover, the curry comb is an excellent finisher for many types of coats, including quite soft furry coats. There are many awesome advantages of using this specific grooming tool. First, it is quite compact, and easy to use, and store. It also takes the hair off, even from dogs that don’t like brushing at all. 

Furthermore, it is quite lightweight, so most of the time, dogs won’t even feel the pressure of the tool on their bodies, while owners will have an easy time using it. The design is interesting, because it is different from many grooming tools, like standard comb and brushes, thus making it easy to use during grooming sessions.

However, no product is perfect, and my objection concerns the strap design. It is very tight, so it is difficult for me to get fingers through the strap, so people with bigger hands will have an issue using it for the first couple of times. Remember to scratch your dog’s favorite scratching place with the Furminator, so that fall in love with grooming sessions when you want to remove their coarse mating.



4. Furbliss Dog Brush

Hair TypeAll
Product BenefitsCalming,Relaxing
BrandVetnique Labs

Furbliss is a multifunctional and two-sided brush, perfect for both dogs and cats. The main reason why I put it on the best five brushes for Dachshund dogs is the medical-grade silicone that is much softer on dog’s fur skin, compared to harsh metal and steel brushes.

Its design does a splendid job of stimulating the circulation and nourishment of skin and coat. Another key point is the fact that it works for both dry cleaning and grooming, and it is also suitable for removing the lint from clothes, furniture, and cars.

After the grooming process is over, you can easily clean the brush by rinsing the residue with water. I like the medical-grade silicone since it is quite gentle on a dog’s skin, and even when your pet is mischievous and moves around during grooming sessions The rubber is quite soft, and it is one of the key reasons why it does a great job in eliminating the fur while keeping the skin free of any pressure.

On the other hand, rubber materials do tend to wear with time, and that is their disadvantage compared to metal counterparts. The amount of loose hair I was able to shed from my Dachshund during the first grooming session was significant, and he didn’t have any objections to the grooming process. 

The Furbliss does come at a hefty price, much higher than the comparable competition, but it is an investment worth considering, due to its many benefits.



5. Coastal Pet - Safari

Hair TypeAll
Product BenefitsDetangle
BrandCoastal Pet

The last name in the article is a double-sided brush that has a design ready to tackle loose hair and debris with its wire pins. One of the key reasons why I put it on the best five brushes for Dachshund dogs is the ability to distribute oils, throughout the dog’s coat, which in turn results in shiny hair. 

I put it on the best five brushes for Dachshund list due to its versatile application, which reflects in the brush’s ability to regulate hair of all breeds and coat types. It translates as a brush’s ability to remove the excess hair from different pet animals, and not limit itself to Dachshund (although I get the best results by using it on my Dachshund).

It is very practical for everyday use, and you can use it (with washing), for multiple pets. I like to start using the brush by using the bristle side, and after that, using the pin side of the brush. The pin side is excellent in removing the excess shedding fur off the dog. It is a highly professional grooming product with both sides that results in doing an exquisite job in both removing mats and giving the fresh look to the pet. From a hygienic perspective, it is phenomenal, because it does a great job in maintaining a dog’s health since it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Even if you have pets who don’t like grooming, you can use the bristle side to relax them, and then you can try with the pin side to remove the excess coat. Bristles are awesome when you want to remove the hair from your car, furniture, or clothes. The only disadvantage I have found so far relates to the color. It is only possible to choose the army green color for a medium brush, which, although it is not a major issue, is limiting.



Questions & Answers

What is a good brush for a short-haired dachshund?

Have you ever wondered about the best brushes for Dachshund dogs? If you have, the first recommendation that comes to mind is the Furbliss dog brush. It offers a medical-grade silicone that provides a high level of protection for the dog’s skin.

Along with that, it can thoroughly remove the undercoat, without damaging the skin. Another benefit is the ergonomic design that allows one to enjoy grooming. Generally, one should aim for a combination of brushes for Dachshund dogs.

Slicker brushes are the most common pick, as they offer good overall performance. Also, getting a fine tooth and bristle brushes can be important for fully maintaining your canine’s fur.

Should you brush a dachshund?

The majority of dogs shed twice a year, and dachshund dogs are no exception to the rule. Depending if you have a short-haired or long-haired dachshund, you can expect shedding to take place once, or twice a year.

To make sure their fur and skin are healthy, you should brush them regularly. Up to three times a week is enough, but even tone weekly grooming sessions will suffice for short-haired daschunds.

Always make sure to wet the fur, and then apply the brush. That way you minimize the risk of injury, and you make the process easier, and more enjoyable.

How do you brush a dachshund?

The process of brushing a dachshund is relatively straightforwar. First, place your dog on a straight surface, and prepare the grooming tools. Next, use a slicker brush, or a mitten to gently remove the upper layer of the coat.

In this phase, you don’t need a hydrating spray. Just remove the excessive hair. Then, use a hydrating spray and spray your puppy. After that, using a slicker brush (or a mitten), remove the undercoat. Make sure to use controlled and delicate strokes. Follow your dog’s reactions.

Lastly, if you decide to bathe your dog, use mild water and soap for dogs. Wash their fur gently and rinse off with mild water. Use a towel to dry them, and then you can apply grooming products to make their skin shiny.

How often should you brush a dachshund?

Brushing a dachshund is key to maintaining their fur and keeping it in good condition. Due to their fur delicacy and overall characteristics, brushing them once a week can be enough. It applies only if you have a short-haired dachshund.

If you do brush your canines once a week, make sure those grooming sessions are thorough and detailed. Also, bathing them once a month is highly advisable.

On the other hand, if you have a long-haired dachshund, brushing them twice or three times a week is the rule. It will help to keep their fur in top condition,d while minimizing the chance of skin infection, or undercoat mats,

The overall rule of thumb is to brush their fur from once to three times a week. Always with a hydrating spray and in a controlled and delicate manner.


Purchasing at least one of the best five brushes for Dachshund dogs will make the job of grooming your dog much easier. The market is saturated with multiple choices, so it is not easy to properly navigate it, to find the most suitable equipment you need. 

Short-haired dachshund shedding is no easy feat when you lack proper instruments, and Dachshund grooming is a complex task that requires time and dedication from its owners. 

However, if you decide to purchase any of the five brushes recommended in the article, your furry friend and you will have a great bonding time, while making sure he or she looks beautiful.



As a dedicated pet owner and founder of Top Pet Products, I possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of dogs and cats, providing invaluable insights and resources to fellow pet enthusiasts worldwide.

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