These are 5 Best Beds for Border Collie – Ultimate Guide


Ultimate Guide: Best Beds For Border Collie

Are you searching for the best beds for Border Collie?

If you happen to browse the web, searching for the right one, that could have been the case. Luckily, if you have one dog, one bed will suffice, but a dozen doesn’t sound bad. Jokes aside, purchasing high-quality dog beds is vital, regardless if you have a puppy or a fully grown canine.

The reasons are numerous, but most of them can be boiled down to being comfortable and providing orthopedic support. Collies have a relatively sensitive body construction, so ensuring they have high-quality mattress support is important for their overall health.

Luckily, the internet enables owners to browse through a myriad of different beds to find suitable ones. Naturally, not all of them are the same, so one needs to conduct research before the purchase.

So, how not to make a mistake, and be positive that the dog bed for the Border Collie you’re buying is the right one?

Keep scrolling to find out.

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1. Best Friends Bed

BrandBest Friends by Sheri
Breed TypeAll Breed Sizes
Product Dimensions50″L x 40″W x 8.2″Th
Fill MaterialPolypropylene
The first pick on the list is a super comfortable calming bed for dogs. It has a vegan shag fabric and a self-warming cuddler. The aim is to mimic the mother’s fur, thus providing a calming experience that relieves anxiety. Consequently, it can lead to improved behavior and overall health improvements. Design-wise, it offers a raised rim, combined with a super-soft filling.

Practically, it means that dogs will enjoy the benefits of having joint support, as well as a soft feeling for their muscles and neck. One of the coolest things is are the “CoziLOFT” fibers which fill the cuddler, and they can keep their loft approximately three times longer, compared to standard pet beds. Another practical thing is the fact that this bed is machine washable, and it also has a water and dirt-resistant bottom.

It is quite easy to clean it up. Overall, the bed seems quite durable and able to withstand a certain degree of chewing. The color scheme and the look of the bed make it possible to blend it with the rest of the interiors, and it doesn’t stand out. An additional plus is that it is available in a couple of sizes , so even if you have two dogs, getting a larger one will accommodate both of them.



2. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic

BrandThe Dog’s Balls
Breed All Breed Sizes
MaterialFur, Memory Foam
Product Dimensions40″L x 25″W x 6″Th
Fill MaterialMemory Foam
Orthopedic solutions are one of the best dog beds for Border Collie canines, thanks to the headrest in combination with a waterproof design. The orthopedic memory offers excellent quality, with two-inch density foam, over a four inches base. That way, one gets a high level of stability that offers both joint protection and overall comfort. Even if your canine suffers some medical conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, patella luxation, osteochondritis, and other conditions, this bed will provide relief.

Additionally, it does a solid job of preventing elbow calluses and pressure sores. The headrest restores mobility in a dog’s body and allows them to have a deep sleep. From a practical point of view, it has removable covers that owners can easily wash and dry. You also get a waterproof mattress protector which can be useful in case of incontinence.

Covers are replaceable, and their overall quality is more than satisfactory. I like the fact that this bed is quite mobile, and owners can use it for camping trips, long car drives, and other out-of-home activities. After washing, covers tend to get even smoother, which is a nice feat. I would like to see a more stylish finish, but other than that, no major flaws.



3. Carhartt Firm Bed

Product Dimensions28″L x 20″W x 4.25″Th
Fill MaterialPolyester
Target SpeciesDog
Owners who love the simple and plain design of dog beds will appreciate the Carhartt solution that has an exterior shell of 12 ounces, along with a 100% ring-spun cotton duck canvas. In combination, it offers a high level of durability. Additionally, paired with a plush Sherpa top, it adds another layer of padding and warmth. All of that will make sure that your puppies are well taken care of.

The shell is washable, and the polyester fiber-filled cushion is removable. It also has an extra wide YKK zipper that is located under the zipper flap. It is possible to get this bed in three sizes, depending on your canine’s needs. I’m quite content with the fact that one can use this bed in the house, but also a vehicle, or a tent, in case of a camping trip, because it is quite lightweight.

Next, the material is extremely durable, which may come as a surprise, if you conclude by just observing the product. The inside of the bed is a high-quality pillow, but the outer polyester layer tends to produce some noise. To remedy the issue, try using a blanket over it. It can also help the bed last longer.



4. Furhaven Orthopedic

Breed All Breed Sizes
Special FeatureRemovable cover
Product Dimensions51″L x 36″W x 8″Th
If your furry friend loves sleeping in different positions, then Furhaven’s open design is the right choice to go with. The design revolves around a contoured form factor that offers superior ergonomic comfort. Additionally, it provides optimum orthopedic support for canines (and felines). The sleeping surface uses micro-velvet fabric that provides a gentle and comfortable feeling to noses and paws, thus providing snuggling comfort.

Next, the dense and thick orthopedic foam offers an excellent level of support for the hips, joints, back, and neck. It also promotes high-quality sleep and helps to relieve anxiety. The first layer is a quilted sleep surface, and the second one is cooling gel foam. Lastly, the medical-grade support form is the bottom layer, and in cohesion, they provide a high level of comfort.

I’m quite content with the machine-washable cover material, which makes the maintenance process much easier. It is also easy to blend the bed with the home design, because the color palette choice is quite rich, and can satisfy nearly everyone’s taste. When it comes to bad sides, the bed’s overall durability is not of the highest class, and if your dog tends to be a strong chewer, it will rip through it quite fast.



5. Sealy Lux Bed

BreedAll Breed Sizes
Special FeatureCooling FunctionMemory Foam / Orthopedic
Product Dimensions32″L x 42″W x 8″Th
Regardless of the dog’s age, Sealy Lux offers an optimal level of joint, back, and neck support. No matter if your canine suffers from arthritis, or joint or bone issues, the bed does a solid job of providing support. One of the best features of this bed is the fact that it can help in odor absorption, thus helping owners keep the bed fresh. Furthermore, you can wash in the machine, and the removable cover is quite easy to clean.

Having an extra bed cover is also a nice touch, and helps with maintaining proper hygiene. The foam layer is excellent, and it uses charcoal base foam in combination with cooling memory foam . Together, they resist bacteria and help in keeping the bed cool. The cover is also waterproof, with adds to the experience. It is on the list of best dog beds for border collies for its exquisite and luxurious design as well.

Although it is a large bed, it tends to blend in with almost every home design, thanks to its color scheme and non-intrusive design. The bed partitions around the sleeping surface also serve the purpose of keeping your dog supported , but their overall design is pleasant as well. An extra plus is a five years warranty, which is a solid guarantee of the bed’s quality.




Purchasing the best beds for Border Collies can be daunting, but an attainable task. One needs to be aware that the market offer is rich, and often exaggerated, so to avoid gimmicks, make sure to read reviews and compare products.

Regardless of your personal preferences, or budget, the guide above aims to find what is the best for our furry friends. With that in mind, be sure that any item you see on the list, and decide to buy, will pay off in the long run.

If you’re satisfied with this article and would like to read more about other great products you can check our buying guide section to find more great articles about dog and cats.


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